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July 8: Mobilize to Support the Prisoner Hunger Strikes!

Posted 11 years ago on July 2, 2013, 7:07 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: california, days of action, prisoner rights

prisoner hunger strike flyer


Unless the Governor and the Department of Corrections take decisive action, prisoners throughout California will resume a hunger strike and work stoppage ONE WEEK FROM TODAY to protest the torturous conditions in solitary confinement--and other parts of the prison system.

Stand in Solidarity with the Hunger Strike and other Job Actions Being Called for July 8th!

Communities across the state, country, and world plan on taking action to help the strikers win their demands. [Ed. Note: Including this noise demo in Seattle, among many other places outside California!]

Sign up for updates [and find local actions, more info, background, prisoners' demands, resources, endorsers of the actions, etc] at prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com.

Wherever you are, please take some form of action on July 8th. Big or small, every voice counts! Click here for more: http://prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com/
On Twitter: @CAhungerstrike

support prisoners strike

On this Day of Action, we're asking for people all over the world to do whatever they can to draw attention to the struggle of these prisoners against torturous conditions-- public rallies, banner drops, candlelight vigils, marches and other forms of public demonstration.

We strongly encourage that these actions center the Five Core Demands made by the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike prisoners:

**1. End Group Punishment & Administrative Abuse.

  1. Abolish the Debriefing Policy, and Modify Active/Inactive Gang Status Criteria.
  2. Comply with the US Commission on Safety and Abuse in America's Prisons 2006. Recommendations Regarding an End to Long-Term Solitary Confinement.
  3. Provide Adequate and Nutritious Food.
  4. Expand and Provide Constructive Programming and Privileges for those living in the SHU.**

We also hope that your actions will join the coalition and the strikers in demanding that the Governor and the CDCR enter into good-faith and accountable negotiations with the strikers immediately.

For more information about the Five Core Demands, please visit http://prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com

People who stand up to organize events on the Day of Action (or any other date) are asked to act in true solidarity by following these guidelines from the Coalition based on communication with the prisoners:

  1. Support the prisoners by advocating for the Five Core Demands rather than agitating for other goals or our own demands.
  2. Remember that the prisoners chose a "nonviolent peaceful protest" and plan your solidarity actions with that spirit in mind.
  3. Honor the strikers, their loved ones, supporters, and the larger community of prisoner-rights and anti-prison organizations by refusing to claim leadership of the solidarity campaign.

Let us know what you have planned and we'll add it to our Action Calendar for all to see.

To add your event, please click here. http://prisonerhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com/take-action-2/add-your-event/

And, if you are in California, please support the statewide mobilization to Corcoran State Prison on July, 13! Details below.