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Occupy Boulder Flood Relief

Posted 10 years ago on Sept. 19, 2013, 3:25 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: disaster relief, occupy sandy, boulder


via Occupy Boulder Flood Relief:

Occupy Boulder Flood Relief is a coordination point for #BoulderFloodRelief and is facilitating and organizing relief for displaced and in-need individuals. We are also organizing a database of individuals to be the eyes and ears of our community and volunteers to help in relief efforts.

This organization is inspired by the efforts of Occupy Sandy, one of the largest response operations to disaster in the US. We are working to coordinate volunteers with flood affected community members.

Volunteers are monitoring this Facebook page; if you are interested in volunteering or if you need assistance please go to www.boulderfloodrelief.org to fill out volunteer or needs forms and you will be added to our database and contacted.

Official website for volunteers and coordination is http://boulderfloodrelief.org/

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[-] 1 points by rasrio (2) 10 years ago

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[-] 1 points by DebtSUSPENSIONRights (181) 10 years ago

The Colorado flood victims who will have to rebuild won't get much relief from their credit card companies. Once the land lines get rebuilt and are operational, you can bet the first calls will be from credit card companies telling Coloradians to pay their bills and on time, no excuses.

It was the comptroller of the currency that first STOPPED insurance companies from competing with credit card companies on credit card debt suspension insurance.

And it was the credit card companies that then set their credit card debt suspension insurance premiums TEN TO TWENTY TIMES higher than it needed to be, leaving customers with no legitimate credit card insurance option to protect themselves in times of a crisis like the one that Colorado is going through.

That is why Debt Suspension Rights for consumers, matter.


[-] 1 points by justaroach (-143) 10 years ago

Good stuff! Kudos

[-] 0 points by Fez (20) 10 years ago

Even though it is inspired by Occupy Sandy, it is not actually called Occupy Boulder Flood Relief. Just Boulder Flood Relief.