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Forum Post: Women of Occupy Declare Gender Parity An Overdue Human Right and More

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 11, 2012, 9:51 p.m. EST by occupiersboycottelection (3)
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We Especially Wanted This to Be On the OWS website for 911 because the best way to prevent 911s is to have women and men make a World of Peace together.as equals. We Believe The Importance of these Declarations Is Apparent and Self-Evident to All Women and Men of Peace and Equality. We Have Sent Special Copies to OWS, and Understand that in living up to its mission as a Revolution, OWS will publish this announcement and the Full Declarations on the Main Announcements Website Urgently, and highlight their central features in all its efforts, because attention to these rights and templates for a government that works for the 99%, - because it is justice and empowerment to the 51% (who are are currently due the minimum, 5050) - is overdue for several hundred years in the US, too many nations, and even longer in the herandhistory of Planet Earth. From This Day Forward, Everyday Must Be a Day for True Representation and Equality of Female and Male on Our Planet, or there can be no justice, no sustainability, and no peace. The world is already in a state of 911 emergency without it, and without it, things will get worse instead of better.

In the weeks of June, in preparation for the July 4th Gatherings in Philadephia 2012, WomenOccupy, offered weekly conference calls attracted the participation of several women in the occupy and progressive community, including two had been concerned that that other Gathering in Philadelphia, the National General Assembly, was not living up to its commitment to have one women and one man per district. These two women, Carol Bouldin and Rajchelle Onefamily Miller, both agreed on the the critical need for equal representation and presence of women in all decision-making, both in the Occupy Movement itself, and in the decision-making structures of levels of government. Rajchelle in particular urged the necessity for women on the call to Deliver Declarations for the July 4th Holiday that would Declare the Right to Gender Parity as a Human Right, for women and men both, because there is a great deal of research and scholarship that shows that 5050 gender balance brings forth decisions that protect the general good far better than decisions made by one mostly gender, and this balance is needed now, urgently, to protect the planet. 72% of the women on the call agreed with the need for such Declarations, to make the July 4th Gathering Truly Revolutionary. Rajchelle had already written Declarations on this in 2002 and 2004, directed at both the US and the UN, which also protect proportional minority and non-monied representation via public funding of elections and changes in economic paradigms of wealth. In addition, Carol wanted to issue a Declaration that captured the passion of Women' s Voice on all the issues oppressing women. All the Declarations Call for Gender Parity as something that is long past due, a human right for the US and all nations, and has been being obstructed by governments and decision-making organizations made of mostly men for far too long.

The period between the Conference call and the July 4th gathering was a short one, and there wasn't enough time to publish all the Declarations on the World Wide Web in time for the July 4th Occupy National Gathering for everyone to see. But on the fly, the Decision was made to read Carol's Declaration of, by and for Women at the Feminist General Assembly, which was attended by several hundred, both women and men, and it was read on July 1, which is also Canada Day (the equivalent of the US 4th of July, by Iwanka Kultschycky. Although there was some mix-up that caused it not to be read at the General Assembly on July 4th, Rajchelle announced the essence of the Declarations at CBS headquarters in Washington DC and in Maryland, a state named for a female. The Declarations have received very slight revision, since originally read, but are essentially the same as when they were Delivered on July 4th. All the Declarations refer to a Divine Authority, that makes these rights imperative for all humanity, just as the Declarations of Independence of Thomas Jefferson and Declaration of Sentiments of Elizabeth Cady Stanton do.

Both Declarations also Declare the Right to Have both paid and unpaid work counted in economic paradigms, the right to balance family and other work, and in the case of Rajchelle's the overdue passage of the Comprehensive Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and in Carol's the passage of the ERA and CEDAW both, and an end to the war on women that comes out of patriachy instead of parity.

You can find/watch the July Declarations at:







These Declarations are the Heart of the most important REvolution for Humanity - the end to the false hierarchy of one gender over the other, and the beginning of real freedom for all humanity, as overdue for Millennia, and a Divinely Endowed Inalienable Human Right, that protects both genders and all their children, female and male, from the many Democracy and Earth-Threatening Dangers of lack of Equal Presence of Both Genders when decisions are made.

Remember, the Statue of Liberty is a depiction of a Goddess To Gain Her Blessing, Occupy Wall St must not delay this focus any longer, and actively highlight the central features of these Declarations, and their most important points in all their public actions: that it is time past due for 5050 for women and men and proportional representation of all oppressed people, that it is past due to end all discrimination against women, that unpaid and paid work of women must both be fully valued, and that all people need a balance of love and work, that it is time to end humanity's centuries of marginalization and war on women, including the current extreme escalation of it occurring in this time in the US, when in the 92nd year since women were "granted" the vote that they and minorities were denied in 1789, the US is ranked 92nd if you count ties (78th nominally) in the representation of women, with less women in office then Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. It is time for the US to lead, not lag.in this balance. It is the full respect and representation of women of all races, that respects all races, Nature, and Brings Peace .to all the Men and Children of Our World, as well.



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[-] 0 points by Orwellwuzright (-84) from Lockeford, CA 6 years ago

Declarations? What is the point of this? What will it change?