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Forum Post: Could This Proposal Slow the Extreme Right’s Onslaught?

Posted 2 years ago on Jan. 16, 2022, 1:26 p.m. EST by ChicagoCitizen (1)
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The far right is on a rampage. For example:

Republican state legislators are enacting draconian voter suppression and anti-abortion laws. Personalities on Fox TV and other ultra conservative media spew hate and lies and encourage violence. TV evangelists and other evangelical Christian ministers condemn those who don't follow their teaching as being utterly evil and worthy of execution. And leaders of right wing militias whip their followers into a frenzy, advocating violent insurrections and civil war.

The sad fact is that there seems to be nothing significant pushing back against these villains. But I propose doing something that may slow down their onslaught -- Liberal groups should determine where these scoundrels’ parents, children, and grandchildren live. They should then store this information, and MUST DO NOTHING ELSE WITH IT. (I do not see anything at all illegal in doing this.)

The word of this activity will eventually get out to the villains, and could have a chilling effect on them. Knowing that liberals, whom they hate, have the addresses could make them hesitate before taking even more outrageous actions.

Admittedly, there are some potential drawbacks to liberals finding these locations. For example, it may be expensive, and at times, dangerous. And the extreme-right media will whine about it. But the counter argument is that no physical harm will have been done to anyone, and, besides, the far right already has this location information for liberal leaders and their families, as indicated by Dr. Fauci recently stating that his children have been threatened,

So, do you think my proposal would be helpful in slowing the extreme right?



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[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (23783) 2 years ago

No, of course not.