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Forum Post: Don't Be Fooled!!!

Posted 4 years ago on April 14, 2014, 12:18 a.m. EST by nibiru2014 (-5)
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CRONY Capitalism is what we have had for a couple of decades now. And now you are seeing the results. CAPITALISM WORKS!!! The proof is right there in front of you. You wouldn't be sitting there wrapped up in your synthetic blanket, sipping your Starbucks coffee, tapping on your iPad, texting and chatting with your socialist buddies, if Capitalism didn't work. In all of your theories the inventors and entrepreneurs cease to exist due to lack of incentive. We are all naturally selfish in that we want reward for our toil and labor. If anyone here denies that, then they are denying basic human nature/instinct. What we may consider excessive compensation, was made possible by the very screwy laws passed by our corrupt Congress. As is the same for the housing mortgage scandal. Laws created by our out of control Congress allowed that happen.

Please realize you are being used by failed 1960's communist activists who, then attempted to overthrow our government.

The Tea Party movement is being backed by the Koch brothers through an organization deceptively called Americans for Prosperity. See "The Billionaire's Tea Party" on Netflix.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement started with a writer from the New York Times, Natasha Lennard, re-tweeting a hoax from a good friend, that the band Radio Head was going to be at Occupy Wall Street because organizers were attracting few people. Feeding off of this successful hoax we then had the orchestrated shut down of the Brooklyn Bridge. Where if anyone wanted to be arrested all they had to do was line up and wait, as did Natasha Lennard. Lennard, someone who is supposedly an objective journalist is caught on camera trying to figure out ways to manipulate the audience to become supporters of occupy wall street. See "Occupy Unmasked" on Netflix. See an interview while people are being bussed into a Cleveland Neighborhood. The man being interviewed tells us that he was paid $60 to be there. He did not know why he was there. And Michael Moore at a protest for occupy wall street where the main theme is income inequality??!! How much of his $50 million is he willing to donate to the cause? I bet he was paid to be there.

We need to return to the Classical Liberal form of government left to us by the likes of Thomas Jefferson. As expounded upon by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged. She is a true prophet, if they ever existed. Based on the predominant moral theory of any society, one can predict their future. It is so true, and we are now seeing "ethical basis and dimension" of socialism/communism/fascism creep ever closer to our doorsteps.



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