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Solidarity with March for Science. Today, April 22, 2017. Over 600 marches around the world.

Historians say the marches today are unprecedented as scientists realize the need for "political leaders and policymakers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest."


Re: ''The U.K. has already been fed up with what it got from the immigrant and immigrant-descendant population.''

7 July 2005 London Bombings. There were more recent ones than that one, too, but that one stuck out in my mind. Also shortly before the Brexit referendum vote, many Britons expressed their feelings online. I was against Brexit but they changed my mind.

The European Union is a grand and worthwhile experiment. Europe has so many smaller countries that having a single currency and freedom of movement without crossing border checks make much sense. However, every political region is defined by its borders. The U.K. never quite joined up with the E.U. well(its language links less to France and Germany but more to Canada and the U.S.) and it certainly had the English Channel as its natural border even after the opening of the Chunnel. The U.K. has many "grown-up" children worldwide so it is entirely conceivable that they'll continue to trade with the U.K., including the once rather rebellious one called the U.S.A.

Here's the homomorphism map on a human female. The rule enforced by human females is that the bases are ordered and only to be reached consecutively in order.

9-11 Memorial in lower Manhattan now has two "yoni mandala" reflecting pools at the footprints of the two previous Berlusconi's phallic symbols. Perhaps the aluminum schlongs were too shiny, not trimmed, and therefore offensive to the terrorists who probably love multiple dark and lubricated feminine holes better(four is again a magical number, not just in golf and baseball). Golf allows hole-in-one, -two, and -three probably because aristocrats are obsessed with the goal of cooling their balls fast and therefore impatient with baseball games' rule of sequential fairplay, touching all the bases.

Re: "To avoid the Irish made sense" Why did you dread asking? It's often (though Not always) preferable to live in a separate peace than to die in a together war. Great Britain had some connections to my family. Considering the (sordid) history of Great Britain with the Irish people and vice versa, it's wise to head off the historical animosity even though I believe in the Trans-Racial-Archimedes' Principle(阿基米德超越种族原则). Software matters for marital (familial and clan) harmony, too!

Thread: Original Sin is the invention of a peculiar god
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (1652) from Fredericksburg, TX 2 days ago

Throw off the yokes. Dump Trump and all the Wall St oligarchs.

Thread: MIA Borders Just Dropped and ITS SICK
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

Yep, ''SICK'' that used to be ''wicked'' and before that ''bad'' ... all meaning ''GRRRRRRRRRREAT'' & here is replacement link to the one not working above, with lyrics:

fiat lux; fiat justitia; fiat pax ...

Thread: Nothing really surprising in the election this year.
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 days ago

Hey! Hello You Stranger :-) and please try not to mind factsy ... as he has always had a bit of a serious, irrational soft spot for ''the witch who tried to bring America healthcare'' apparently,lol but NOT too loudly!

Hope all is well with U and yours &.. don't be shy about showing up around here occasionally.Solidarity!

pax, amor et lux ...

So am I, ''aware of the homomorphism of a fairplay baseball diamond to the erogenous bases on the body of a human female?" Errrrr ... Nope!!! I have never thought that baseball had anything to do with what Hindus may refer to as a "yoni mandala"!! Nor did I know that Golf had such Freudian roots but .....I did know golf originated in Scotland!

What is your evidence for ''The U.K. has already been fed up with what it got from the immigrant and immigrant-descendant population.''?! Further, the only people who ''need to fight for the imposition of Shari'a'' are the very tiny proportion of ''the Muslim Umma'' (Takfiri, Jihadi types), who have now been brainwashed by a millenarian death cult inspired, enabled, financed as an army by Saudi, and other despots, who are arch US/UK allies!! I dread to ask .. but what does ''to avoid the Irish made sense'' actually mean?!!!

En fin et entre nous grapes .... are you taking strong psychedelics, in combination with prescription meds? IF so .. you may want to imminently consider a detox and/or professional help! + Re.9/11 ...

verum ex absurdo?!

What did you do? Besides reward the corruption?

If parties are suppose to be ran by people, and people continue to reward them everytime they screw up, why would they ever change?

Thread: Feedback please: "Do Stock Markets Make Sustainability Impossible?"
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (1652) from Fredericksburg, TX 3 days ago

There's been no sustainable economy on Earth since Adam and Eve committed the Original Sin of cultural devolution from hunting and gathering. The devolvement continued to be documented through Genesis until completed by the financial tyranny implemented by Joseph in Egypt 4000 years ago.

Making something from nothing, the perpetual motion of money, has been the greatest threat to human survival from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt to the absolute domination of the world by Wall St banksters, billionaires, hedge fund managers, CEOs and the rest of the ruling elite criminals that centrally plan our economy and own our government today.

''What a State-Owned Bank Can Do for New Jersey'', by Ellen Brown:

multum on parvo ...

Thread: As election approaches, wealth inequality fades away.
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 days ago

Does ''dropping the ball'' in your world, mean working for Hellary Rotten Clinton?!!! How come we leftists ''are responsible" for Drumpf?!! Do you accept that you are responsible for MadDog McCain in Arizona?! Suggestion for you frf ... give up the day time drinking - asap ;-)

spero meliora...

Thread: Nothing really surprising in the election this year.
[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 4 days ago

You do realize that both GOP and Dems were both born out of other parties & were the "3rd Parties" of there time, right?!!! You do know that Abraham Lincoln won under 3rd Party on 39% of the vote, right?!! You certainly do know that the RW Dems/DNC are Corporate Co-opted and, VERY resistant to Bernie!

multum in parvo ...

Thread: conservatism and slavery
[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8776) from Phoenix, AZ 4 days ago

Again that's determined by the people that get involved (in the Democratic Party).

Thread: conservatism and slavery
[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8776) from Phoenix, AZ 4 days ago

that won't happen unless people get involved in the Democratic Party (and take it over)

Thread: As election approaches, wealth inequality fades away.
[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8776) from Phoenix, AZ 4 days ago

idiots like you dropping the ball from June to november is what gave us drumpf you are responsible as the DNC and their dirty tricks.

Thread: Nothing really surprising in the election this year.
[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8776) from Phoenix, AZ 4 days ago

in early 2015 where were you? i didn't see your posts supporting people getting to the primaries, sure after Bernie was screwed you became his greatest friend, as long as there was no chance you would have to get off your ass and vote for someone that could actually beat the GOP.

Thread: Nothing really surprising in the election this year.
[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8776) from Phoenix, AZ 4 days ago

how about chastising idiots like you that sat on your ass from june to november and helped drumpf win?

yes Bernie was screwed then it was June the question is,


Thread: Nothing really surprising in the election this year.
[-] 1 points by factsrfun (8776) from Phoenix, AZ 4 days ago

3rd parties do nothing but help the GOP win if you got any guts take over the Dems you can't build a party if you can't take one over.

Anybody who supports 3rd party is an idiot!

The U.S. racial supremacists congregate in posh private places such as corporate conference rooms, boardrooms, country clubs, golf courses, etc. The White House is also being prepared to become a new watering hole(ho's will be on hand!) before tax reforms to discuss giving (especially inheritance, now that Trump is close to his end of life expectancy) tax cuts to the rich and wealthy donors. Who feeds from the taxpayers' trough is of national security concern and must therefore remain private. Similarly, any potential conflicts of interest in Trump's tax returns must also be shielded to protect national security and remain private so the Trumpsters can continue to flock as turkeys voting for Thanksgiving (das Erntedankfest meiner Heimat).

Many countries do have racial supremacists galore, too. Race was a cultural construct so it's silly to keep on harping about it but so many people use it that it becomes "real" due to the very tangible effects. We Must therefore engage it as if it were real despite our knowing fully well that it's unreal. The Trans-Racial-Archimedes' Principle(阿基米德超越种族原则) says: "Give me healthy mature females from Any and All races to mate with. And I can impregnate all of them to produce fertile offspring." Males overproduce sperm so the Biblical curtailment of Onanism needs to be revised to reflect the times. The Bible was written millennia ago when the human populations were small. Why else but to overcome the perils of small populations did the Scots institutionalize and tolerate their Queens' extramarital matings and the same's true for the Spartans? The total human population is vastly larger now by many orders of magnitude. Human beings are akin to fires: too many will lead to wars and too few will lead to inbreeding, depopulation, and extinction(it's preferable to make Kings cuckolds than to have these terrible problems).

Golf is the best sport for having deals be done in private adhering to the principle of "Performance" codified into "labor" laws. Elf knows what that means. Golf was likely invented by a sexually frustrated aristocrat craving for holes on his do-nothing but grow-grass country estate to put his balls into. Males love this game, for the obvious subliminal reason. "Give your seeds in private, and your Father, who sees everything, will reward you." "Thou shalt not deny the ones who ask, for your Father rains His favors upon All who ask(10 seconds of bonus free flight for the jumpers. Fly American, Fly United. Fly, Robin, Fly. That's the way I like it.)."

A hole may have etymological connection to a ho(not respectable for an aristocrat to indulge in publicly; hence masks became important ). I'll research this(yeah, I still have the "mad scientist" or "archeologist/recycler" streak in me). Another question is, "If the male mammals need external sacs to keep their balls cool enough for sperm to develop properly, do the very warm-blooded avians have or need these sacs, too? If not, why not?" Perhaps holes in the ground can chill the balls of the sexually frustrated males to account for golf's popularity amongst them. Are you aware of the homomorphism of a fairplay baseball diamond to the erogenous bases on the body of a human female? Four(taboo number in Japan) is par for a home run(be aware of tetraphobia). I was a good hitter(targeting's a bit tough) and could often get on base. As I had told you before, I came from my mother! And I returned to a mother. υπάρχει έρως

I came to respect my elders' "arrangement" for my girlfriends and marriage. "Interference" to avoid the Irish made sense. We build walls to forestall conflicts. Marriage is about more than just two people. Vergissmeinnicht. 我最难忘的人物。

Brexit is needed for the U.K. to keep the family-reunion immigration policy. The U.K. has already been fed up with what it got from the immigrant and immigrant-descendant population. Many asylum seekers want to become a part of the U.K. due to the fast family-reunion policy. It's a laudable motive but the U.K. just hasn't done a good job of integrating its immigrant populations. The tensions were palpable even as early as a decade ago. There are greener pastures elsewhere for the asylum seekers, especially the more religiously(or lack thereof) and culturally compatible ones. There are 1.7 billions of Muslims in the world(more than China's or India's population!) so there are indeed many many many Muslim countries in the multi-continental Ummah where Shari'a is already in place and operational. There's no need to fight for the imposition of Shari'a. All countries should educate foreigners better about their cultures lest they be offended unnecessarily. Foreigners, of course, should learn and obey the cultures, languages, laws, customs, and traditions of the hosting countries.

So, IF - as you say .. ''Far too many so-called "white" supremacists are moronic in choosing the wrong targets.'' ... then please do share as to who are the right ''targets''?!!! Furthermore, if the said Nazi thugs are ''so called 'white' supremacists'' .. who are the authentic ones?!! Agree 100% with your final line tho!

ad iudicium ...

Far too many so-called "white" supremacists are moronic in choosing the wrong targets. Sikhs were mistaken for Iranians due to their headdresses when Iran took U.S. Embassy hostages. Chinese were mistaken for Japanese when Japanese car imports were decimating Detroit. The idea is plainly idiotic. Most Iranian and Japanese people had almost nothing to do with taking hostages or killing the auto-industry. Sikhs or Chinese were even less culpable. There's a pattern of unemployed veterans beating up vulnerable people and that needs to be stopped.

Hurting or killing innocent people is WRONG!

Nathan Damigo is a .. tRUMP ass kissing; Alt-Right; RWNJ, Nazi-Wannabe & (not so) Crypto-Fascist piece of shit & he sucker punches women!!! The PoS was at Berkeley,CA on Sarurday April 15th & he was there with his ''Identity Europa'' goons, with the express intention of attacking AntiFa in Berkeley!! tRUMP & that other War Hawk, Hellary Rotten Clinton have dragged U$A to The Extreme Right Wing!

e tenebris, tenebris!

His idea of having like-minded people together makes sense to minimize conflicts. Look at all of the various powder kegs of the world. Where do they occur? Do they occur in culturally homogeneous parts of the world such as Japan or do they occur in culturally heterogeneous parts of the world such as the Balkan peninsula?

Sarajevo and Beirut were once hailed as golden cities of cultural heterogeneity. Boy! Did they blow up big time! Kashmir is another example. Between Iran/Saudi Arabia is another millennium-old Shi'a/Sunn'i fault line. There was also the Rwanda genocide.

Our First Amendment protects the freedom of association. If some people want to live together in a more culturally homogeneous bloc, it's just fine. I just don't think color of a person's skin, race, or ethnic origin are good criteria to congregate people because in my opinion, they are bogus and outdated, having sprouted from our ancestors' ignorance or malice or both. For me, I prefer criteria based on shared cultures and civic values.

I am frankly very irritated by the people who cut into lines. I grew up with the values that we wait for our turns and give each other each person's moment to shine. Yes, I confronted a woman obviously a new immigrant who cut into line (when I had to handle the aftermath of my parent's death; some of the queueing is actually unnecessary but governments are well known to be brainless or inconsiderate towards the ordinary folks; I knew better organizations overseas, not at the navel so few people stare there; in a queue of 50-60 people corralled together, only the first few need to be physically there, issuing a numbered chit to each can dissolve the queue[reducing terrorist target; in some airports the security checkpoints to make people safe actually create huge terrorist target right in front of the checkpoints like funnels concentrating people into bottlenecks] and let the people re-form the queue's head for just-in-time servicing according to the chit number, also set a long bench so people can sit and sort out the order according to the chit numbers, in order to increase revenue, rent out the space vacated by the no-longer-queued-up 45-55 people to vending machines for snacks, tables and chairs for texting, etc. Children like snack bars; I do, too. Make some portable toothbrushing facilities available, to protect milk teeth. Perhaps a take-some-leave-some library can help with boredom). She said that she paid taxes. Wow, when did paying taxes give one the right to cut into lines ahead of others? I paid my taxes, too! We have people unacculturated to our cultural values in our midst so I support value cleansing. Oh, yes, let us end the "press '1' for English" crap and get a cultural restraining order. Let birds of the same ilk flock together.

Punctuality is important to me because that's what defines modern societies. The more punctual and synchronized people are in some activities, the wealthier and more leisure time not spent attending to life's necessities such as fetching water. I heard few Americans complain of the Nazi-innovated interstate highway system of ours being unfree to make entrance and exit wherever one wants. Or even more fundamentally, let us give people the Freedom to drive on the right And on the left and do away with all of the stupid one-way streets. We'll figure out again why some restrictions are Freer than freedoms. Do we really want Russian-style "roads" that had defeated the armies of both Napolean and Hitler(God blessed Russia by endowing these "roads" for national defense!)? There's NO such thing as Third World timings and First World living and wealth. 入乡(鄉)随(隨)俗 si fueris Rōmae, Rōmānō vīvitō mōre -- or be a turkey voting for Thanksgiving (das Erntedankfest in meiner Heimat).

I don't like lily-white neighborhoods because in my elementary (and also secondary) school years, I had to walk through some of them to get to school and to the public library to borrow books. There were pebbles thrown at me - they all missed, good. Then one day on my way to the library, a white, yes white!, boy ran fast at me from behind, slapped me in the face, and ran away. I certainly agree that white supremacy needs to be reined in. It's plainly stupid because it's a mental illness. I don't see how as an eight-year-old boy walking by on a public street to the public library, I could have offended these so-called "white" children.

Thread: Merry-Go-Banking
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (1652) from Fredericksburg, TX 1 week ago

The con of cons threatens human survival.

It pretends to be salvation

It uses propaganda to fault tolerantly program populations.

It's especially successful in America, where the marks believe the masters who've enslaved them are the defenders of freedom. In a perverse way that's true. The conservatives have defended their freedom to enslave the majority who work to produce the wealth they enjoy, one way or another, since the 1820s and John C. Calhoun invented state's rights to preserve "de juro" slavery.

As usual, Michael Hudson gives a much more comprehensive summary of human cultural devolution than I could hope to convey. The whole rather long interview is well worth reading.


Consider that - ''When corporations free themselves from trade unions, they curtail the freedoms of their workers. When the very rich free themselves from tax, other people suffer through failing public services. When the financiers are free to design exotic financial instruments the rest of us pay for the crises they cause.

''Above all, billionaires and the organizations they run demand freedom from something they call .. 'red tape'. What they mean by red tape is public protection.'' - from ...

multum in parvo ...