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Thread: Fake News
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33658) from Coon Rapids, MN 13 minutes ago

6) Housing


The list is very long as for profit operations effect every aspect of life!

Thread: Fake News
[-] 2 points by agkaiser (2251) from Fredericksburg, TX 26 minutes ago

For Profit threats in order of severity:

1) Finance, Insurance and Real Estate. - the banksters and Wall St. parasites are the greatest threat the human race has ever faced.

2) For profit Medicine and pharmaceuticals.

3) For profit Energy

4) For profit communications. Includes the Tower of Babel that the monetized internet has devolved to as well as exaggerated intellectual property monopolizations and extractions.

5) For profit mass transportation



Thread: Fake News
[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33658) from Coon Rapids, MN 1 hour ago


There "is" most certainly PROBLEMS with CorpoRAT media. Like I said though = it's just not the problem our Criminal-n-chief in the oval office is crying about!


Last time around the Green Party ego whores sit out the primary till Bernie had lost then they weighed in opposing HRC, let's see if Shadz posts in support of Bernie when he might win the Dem nomination. The Green Party ego whores don't really care about Bernie or the nation only their ego whore political party. I'm not sure about ak we will see what he does, there are only about a dozen or so here anyway...

Help put an end to Domestic Terrorism "in office" = call & apply pressure to support passage of The GND (Green New Deal): (remove from office those who oppose) https://act.democracyforamerica.com/call/call-your-senators-co-sponsor-green-new-deal/?t=2&refcode=g-GNDCoSponsor0221.d-20190222.m-16065.s-54918&akid=16065%2E2041858%2EljHX8C

"THIS" is where any declaration of a "REAL" National Crisis should come from!


Have you ever lived through hyperinflation? Venezuelans are all billionaires by now, I reckon. You should be a fan of hyperinflation (everyone becomes billionaires!) because it will discharge your debts (remember how flip, likely yet another Jew, was advocating for inflation in this forum.) Thank God for "the Jewman" among us who will come to generate more inflation and recession to render property rights meaningless for everyone not tuned into "the music of the Non-U.S. Non-federal No-Reserve."

Nicolás Maduro, the "John Sculley" of Venezuela, went crazy with his "Jewman." Venezuela has a very significant amount of property - heavy sour crude, pretty meaningless, right? Property rights on that crude don't worth much without the refining capacity for that special kind of crude (the U.S. has much of this capacity on its Gulf Coast and has been supporting Venezuela's financial stability during the Obama administration by buying increasing percentages of Venezuela's diminishing crude oil output; using local oil is good for slowing anthropogenic climate change and more because shipping the same amount of crude oil from Saudi Arabia would incur transcontinental/transoceanic costs and risks such as from the Somali pirates and the terrible oil spills which had likely radicalized the fishermen into becoming those pirates by depriving their livelihoods.)

My parents lived through hyperinflation and I myself lived through the 1970's when inflation was running rampant (WTF! Jews again? Bouncing off of the Arabs this time...) INFLATION SUCKS! I am sure that most peoples who have lived through high inflation and still remember, despise inflation. Those who abuse their control of monetary policy, historically the Jewish scapegoats and more recently Nicolás Maduro, create both living and dying hell on Earth. There always comes a time to take out the garbage before Dad comes home. At the condiment stand, I chose to put ketchup on my breakfast porridge. It's sweet but...

Sovereignty of universal human rights means: we hunt and kill the land whales for it. The ketchup smells like iron. It came from a can with an expired date. Shantytown preschoolers get no respect. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Ancestral wisdom passed down by the Conquerors: wolves and dogs are one, we hunt. The New Japan knows how to cut off nipples for play marbles, not to be outdone by Imperial Japan.

A nuclear war with the DPRK should commence to minimize the inevitable carnage. It may at most take out some parts of a few U.S. cities (tens to hundreds of thousands of casualties perhaps, most likely at the low end; targeting accurately the cities in the humongous U.S. land mass with widely dispersed population is difficult, so it's very acceptable for stopping early the nuclear proliferation for all) but the number of possible casualties grows quickly once DPRK's production line as well as targeting accuracy become faster and better. Use the high-yield nukes for maximizing the kill radii to over-compensate for the uncertainties. DPRK will be taken out for certain in our rendézvous with Destiny. Rapid denuclearization will surely happen to the Korean Peninsula as well as a part of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. "Negotiating in bad faith is a capital offense."

The well-accepted custom of the U.S. is to shoot the hostage takers. Oh, we have enough firearms to arm every U.S. national with one, including newborn babies and toddlers, and still have many firearms left over unmanned. Fear not, the firearm distribution is not uniform. Generally our babies and toddlers don't carry firearms yet. I didn't do that myself at that age.

When I come to think of it, I was likely "born American [wild, wild West]" as far as the preschooler "toys" were concerned. I'm so glad that I was born in an earlier more permissive (no-jailing!) free-range era, when gunpowder provided fun and games (there were definitely drawbacks with this! But the survivor who has escaped around/through the blackhole arrives at a dimensionally Euclidean discretum of Zeitraum. Determinism in the Zeitraum (which is like a Christmas wreath for us the caterpillars crawling on the branches in it -- we don't necessarily fall off if we know its topolgy well through history. Alpha is Omega. Omega is Alpha.) doesn't enforce deterministic "trajectories" in it. I know the potholes on U.S. roads all too well but I still drive consciously and knowingly straight at a pothole at times, like my injecting myself with a disease germ (vaccination) to provide for my future health. Aiming and knowingly going straight at a blackhole doesn't imply a deathwish but it's going for the Zeitraum warp available there.) Later on for several times during the political power struggles, some people decorated my neighborhood and the path to my elementary school with political-slogan banners and cans containing gunpowder (IEDs) which the Martian/firefighter-jacketed/suited-and-helmet/mask-shielded explosives' expert detonated at a penalty-kick position for the smaller ones and for the bigger one at the center of the soccer field (Boom!!! Impressive!..) Puff, the magic dragon!

U blew it in 2016 @DNC (in office & outside of office). Will U do a repeat in 2020 & lose again? Or will U get on-board & win? Here's Ur chance 2 declare 4 Bernie & SO 4 t general public! https://act.berniesanders.com/signup/em_bern_message/?source=em190220-1-sub-full&t=2&akid=558%2E353928%2Ev7bP7s … This is where t Public is overwhelmingly going - will U @DNC ?


It is true = Republican Party "Home of Domestic Terrorism" in office and out on the streets!

"The mind comes in second place when the stomach is empty."

The "a starving child in every family" Retards have got to go.

Food in the U.S. on a translated to a foreign currency basis is somewhat expensive. I noticed that when I first came to the U.S. as a teenager (it's obvious why I remember the five 99-cent pillowcase-size watermelons so vividly) when I was converting the food cost to foreign currency. If I wanted to eat cheap, I would have to starve instead. That's absurd so I stopped converting after a while. Once I had started earning money after graduating college and working, food cost relative to my pay shrank to insignificance. It's the U.S. earnings being much higher that makes life easier, not the cheapness of the cost of living. It's why most (especially illegal) aliens sent money abroad to their families rather than moving them here.

Non-U.S. food fed to foreign children generally costs less than U.S. food fed to children here. It therefore makes economic sense to feed the children abroad, such as the ones seeking asylum and being buffered in Mexico.

In my case, completing my studying in college made a huge difference in pay per hour worked, mainly due to doing an entirely different line of work. The toughest and most hectic time in my life was when I was working multiple jobs while studying full-time in college. I had never spent a single moment basking in the sun like the many college students (land cetaceans et al: seals, sea lions, sea otters, walruses {with moustaches!} . . .) I saw when I was a teenager in high school passing by looking forward to college life.

Yeah, my teenage hormones perked up my ears to listen when the other kid yearning for "college [social] life" started asking about "the wild parties." "Well, not quite here." I did meet young women who started talking to me about "streaking" on campus but I was surprised, ¿blushed?, and became speechless ;-(

I caught a whiff of the lingering Puff, the Magic Dragon, upon returning to my shared dormitory room after a long-weekend's absence. Much later on in life during the reminiscence catching up with an old college friend for old times' sake, he said and advised that choosing one's dormitory or otherwise mate wisely was important to avoid ending up in jail. In a conspiracy charge by a non-discretionary likely-non-Bobbie disciplinarian, many innocent fish may well be caught up in the huge dragnet. "Zero-tolerance" policy's execution can far overshoot justice's fairness bounds, such as that happening in the Philippines. As justice doesn't matter there, the U.S. should just give Duterte a few nuclear bombs to "clean up" the problems there quickly and efficiently.

Our Shittoad-in-Chief had a full-newspaper-page-croaking for imposing the death penalty on the Central Park Five who turned out years later to be innocent of the particular crime they were accused and convicted of. Only if justice were so easily served as was to the Russian Parliament! Welcome the Spirit of Russia to our Pounding Laundry at Home of the Free. Where's the humongous Cervix of the Earth? VirChina? "Let me run my little finger all the way around it first." "I'll practice my Kung-Fu chops around the all-power-off Big Red (and shielded on both sides by steel plates) button! Never forget that the CCP leadership doesn't believe in the Comparative Advantages of different countries so the U.S. must destroy the CCP leadership at ANY AND ALL costs. True warriors stick by rules, especially the rule for achieving Freedom. Let VirChina turns its Nipple On for the New Japan's Prince Asaka. What's inevitable must be dealt with sooner rather than later. Troubles grow.

"Be prepared! Be prepared! It's our endeavor. Trusty and steady is he. We are always jolly company. A bull should be!" The college girls were correct! Lovely titillating girls -- great sensuous company.

In the 1970's, we didn't put ethanol into cars, after swilling it like "Doc," ( although there was gasohol; now it's just called the "regular" E10 gasoline gumming up and rusting our seldom-used engines of lawn mowers and boats. Yay, gross domestic product increases again due to the fixing of these broken things! We definitely had an half-assed government for quite a long while, just like my one-time-only Warren-Buffett-MBA-profit-seeking "I'm gored, inconvenient-truth" underwear pants {avoid receiving gifts others buy for you that must touch your skin like the cuckoo's, hour in and hour out, or fit your body well such as shoes} that had the so-called "extraneous" layer of cloth cut out from the front so that I became far more fertile from the near-perfect cool sperm due to the underside cooling and the exposure of my cuckoo-clock "birdie;" hmm, I wonder whether Warren Buffett's Greed made my offspring "perfect;" the pants should henceforth be marketed as no-cholesterol no-artificial-sweetener "sperm-protector" men's underwear; Want healthy and smart kids? Don't fry your sperm -- wear our "Sperm Protector!" Less cloth, more offspring; Little Peanus Finger must have caught on to this earlier than I did.) We spiked the fruit punches with it. For teenagers newly away from home at college, it was yielding 1.21 Gigawatts, absolutely electrifyingly hot. It's not surprising that some died from the flux capacitor's overflowing. Time travel using what's caught in a bottle can be dangerous so don't swill and "Garden-State park."

I exercised moderation with Dad's exorbitantly priced Johnnie-Walker-Black-Label whiskey (Mom let me use it to flavor the salted chicken, probably due to her curiosity {Red-Label whiskey was more familiar from before} as well as her lack of an alternative at the time -- "don't drench it in a [bird]bath!" -- being inconspicuous with the amount used was important for Dad not to notice; the chicken tasted Great! Ahhh, maybe the price was beside the point as long as Dad thought of it as being worthwhile -- the chicken did taste better than with just beer.)

let's hope everyone that supports Bernie supports others in the Party and stays with the Party like Bernie will till the end...defeating the GOP is the only way to make things better.

Thread: Why The US Demonises Venezuela's Democracy By Mark Weisbrot
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2251) from Fredericksburg, TX 4 days ago

Starving the 99% has a very analogous resemblance to the case of the workers not having the money from being paid for working. In both cases, economic collapse becomes imminent.

Everybody knows the profit of elite classes from organizing the labor of the masses is more important than the well being of the general population. We all agree the billionaires are better and more deserving of life than we debt serfs. Capitalism is God's way!

Bernie Sanders 2020. Donate now.


He's announced he's running as a Democrat. Let's hope the others, who are running on HIS platform, fall away quickly.

In the 2008 economic near-collapse (only a few hours at most to the collapse of the U.S. economy and likely the World's economy, too,) the run on the money market funds holding the payroll money of most businesses threatened to infect Main-Street businesses with the collapse in confidence on Wall Street. (I send Red China my thoughts and prayers from the bottom of my cardiac cavity as the camel tries to thread through the eye of a needle: it's shadow banking, again!) Payroll money is what keeps businesses going in many ways. Businesses get workers to produce desired goods by paying them. Without this payment (due to the money market funds, such as that of State Street Bank's in 2008, "breaking the buck" causing a run) this production halts so no more desired goods will become available. Workers without the payroll money cannot buy the goods of the businesses since they don't have the money from being paid for working. Businesses grind to a halt. Workers are fired. Businesses have no customers.

Starving the 99% has a very analogous resemblance to the case of the workers not having the money from being paid for working. In both cases, economic collapse becomes imminent as the X-soul flies away from Haleakalā on Maui Island. Beware of the Icarus syndrome. Highly profitable sizable businesses attract raiders or "Jewman" coming with "fake money" such as banks' cashier checks created "out of thin air." How much cashier check "money" can a bank issue? As much as the "Jewman" which is not necessarily a Jew, allows, after the U.S. Congress has promised to pay back the LOAN with INTEREST by lifting the national debt ceiling to avoid a federal government shutdown due to a budget deficit.

Financial chaos and wars will destroy the excessive illegitimate "fake money" created in the takeovers' aftermath. I can trace why I as a preschooler was picking through our shantytown neighborhood's garbage dump for fun and games. My ancestral wealth created through trade (from trade, wealth but if not carefully controlled for fairness and righteousness to prevent the wantonness of wealth, come contagion, diseases, and death) was destroyed by the "fake money" representing the greed for acquiring valuable things for next to nothing.

Adolf Hitler was simpleminded but he had grasped the essence of the underlying origin of the problem of uncollectible debt. It was not just the Jews' working as the crafty masks for Greed, which is primarily of European and European cultural origin (Red China learnt that recently so a shadow banking explosion could happen outside of the traditional Anglo-European cultural dominion, too, a bit like how Japan took on Imperial Colonialism and exponentiated it, having been a victim of Anglo-Europeans' aggression.) Both the European disease and the excessive European autoimmune response spread worldwide causing world wars, injuries, poverty, diseases, and deaths galore. Some walls are good!

No rational person likes the people breaking down the door to an infectious disease negative-pressure-containment hospital ward.

Indians are advancing in the footsteps of the Jews but the traditional skin-color barrier slows them a bit, unlike the Jews who had immersed in European culture (as ruling class's conciérges, the XXXman: Goldman, Silverman, Pearlman, etc.) for centuries and are light-skinned.

Thread: GND
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33658) from Coon Rapids, MN 4 days ago

GND = There "THERE" is where a National Emergency should Be Called And Funded!

Pounding Money & other resources into resolving the ACTUAL REAL AND MASSIVELY GROWING CRISIS ! = "Global Warming" & Humanity's current feeding of it!

Creating A Clean Energy Grid And the Supporting Infrastructure - which would in the creation: Create Employment, reduce costs that could be channeled into moving the Green process FASTER, reduce illness as the process removes pollution from the necessary processes of civilization! & OH SO MUCH MORE !


Thread: GND
[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33658) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 days ago

Insanity is the greatest threat to survival.

Especially when the insane are in-charge! Gov gr8 example of the insane being in-charge at this very point in time.

Thread: Why The US Demonises Venezuela's Democracy By Mark Weisbrot
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2251) from Fredericksburg, TX 5 days ago

Venezuela will not be forgiven for failing to defend the property rights of the 1%, even if the 99% are starving. Capitalism must prevail no matter the cost to the rest of us. Blessed Milton Friedman said so.

Thread: GND
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2251) from Fredericksburg, TX 5 days ago

Such is insanity

Insanity is the greatest threat to survival.

Thread: GND
[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33658) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 days ago

Capitalism is (to a great degree) determined to be blind to the threat that climate change presents - because Capitalism does not want to change - it figures it can make a quick buck off of the damage caused anyway and be stronger. Such is insanity!

Thread: GND
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2251) from Fredericksburg, TX 5 days ago

The threat of climate change to the survival of the human race is subsumed beneath the threat of capitalism.

The current dismal state of affairs in Venezuela is by its government's own doing. Hugo Chávez enforced political self-determination in Venezuela in order to squelch domestic criticisms of his failing policies. While I appreciated his helping the poor people in the U.S. with paying their oil bills, I still think that his first responsibility should have been towards Venezuela and his own people. After all, he was the President of Venezuela! Of course, I would have appreciated his voicing the systemic inequities in the U.S. that had led to the dire situations of the poor people here.

The situation in Venezuela is serious. Let the people eat! The U.S.-paid-for food tastes better than the roasted pig from Red China or the turkey from Anatolia because these other foods are vaporware, no different from Russia's huffing and puffing. I doubt very much that Russia will be flying in beef-stroganoff bomber sandwiches again.

A true Patriot of Venezuela would kneel and beg for feeding his own people. I gained respect for Hank Paulson, the former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury who knelt on one knee to implore then Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to bail out the investment banks (AIG was the insurance backer standing behind these, uninsured-by-FDIC but with their-"products"-¿insured?-by-AIG in shadow banking [now prevalent but being clamped down in Red China!], that was the lit fuse - going through the run on the money market funds where businesses kept their payroll money - detonating the global economy,) the U.S. and hence the World's economy. He realized that he and Ben Bernanke might have triggered the meltdown of the global economy so he sought to ameliorate the situation in any way possible.

There was a Biblical story about Jesus performing a miracle on a Sabbath. A sheep gone astray on a Sabbath would still be rescued by its good shepard, regardless of the Mosaic Law. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16.

God the maniacal Artist needs His Engineers' help to make His unfinished projects work, here on Earth!

Ideologies, the -isms, are like tofu. Here's a parable of the "gourmet" tofu. A young married couple were getting hungry and making dinner in the kitchen of the home of the in-laws. The wife found a carton of tofu at the back of the refrigerator. She opened it, sniffed at it, turned her nose up, declared it as spoiled, and was about to strain it at the sink and toss it all into the garbage can when her husband stopped her. He sniffed at it and said that all tofu smelled like that and told her to cook it for him and her brother -- she herself didn't have to eat it.

The wife duly cooked the tofu and served it in a bowl to her husband. He took a mouthful of it and immediately ran to the garbage can to spit it all out, rinsed his mouth at the sink, declared the tofu as spoiled, and about to tossed the bowl's content out when the wife's brother intervened. He said, "Let me taste it," so he did. Then he said that there was nothing spoiled about it. "It tastes as good as ALL of the tofu I have eaten in the restaurants and I have eaten in many restaurants for a long time, at least once every day." The restaurant connoisseur ¡chomped! it all down, all by himself.

Was the tofu bad, good, or "gourmet?" Stink was in the nose of the woman. Taste was in the mouth of her husband. Gourmet aroma and great taste were in the nose and mouth of the woman's brother. He ate so much in the restaurants that he was not lying that the tofu indeed tasted the same as those from the restaurants he frequented. Like the restaurants (and Wall Street,) the Great-Walled-In countries must restrict the information their populace consumes. The Philosopher's-Stone-walling turns the garbage into a gourmet dish!

However, Joshua's trumpets blasted and the Walls of Jericho came tumbing down.

God planted two trees at the center of the Garden of Eden because He wanted to allow for the freedom of choice. Was God or the Serpent telling the truth about Adam's "surely dying" upon eating the Forbidden Fruit?

Do people like Coney Island crabs? We can trap some for you if desired. We'll also eat some Nathan's hotdogs when we go beyond Governor's Island and reach Coney Island. Mustard sauce dripped onto beef-stroganoff bomber sandwiches doesn't seem quite right. When my Brother and I went to buy breakfast porridge, his guidance at the condiment stand for me choosing what to put on the porridge's morsels was:《番茄酱是甜酱, 芥末酱是辣酱。》Where's the beef? Ahhh, here it is!

Financial freedom in the long run (getting wealthy slowly but surely, barring government-generated hyperinflation, wars, famines, pandemics, robberies, etc.) comes from《 量入为出》。Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro violated that rule once the configuration sum Z had experienced a confidence collapse due to their poor policies. Confiscating properties scared off the businesses. What's the whole point of being in business, with all its stresses of meeting payrolls, managing vagaries, defending market shares, hiring and firing workers, etc.? To make the kind of money (that is still worth something when spent!) It's rather obvious from looking at its policies that Venezuela lacked basic understanding of economic motivation.

Thread: GND
[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2251) from Fredericksburg, TX 5 days ago

Chances are the GOP will win Texas's electoral votes anyway. So it doesn't make a difference if I vote for an independent, a Green or a Democrat. If the Texas vote is in question, I'll hold my nose, if necessary as I did for Hillary, and vote for the Democrat

Thread: GND
[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (33658) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 days ago

In support of forwarding the Green New Deal, consider:

On a personal note: I think Bernie @BernieSanders should take-up where he left off in 2016. Elizabeth Warren cld be a good running mate & perhaps be "the" presidential candidate in 2024. If the democratic party will not support Bernie - then He should run Independent this time! https://twitter.com/DKAtoday/status/1097173282799923202

Bernie Sanders, socialist, most popular politician in America has recorded an announcement to kick off his 2020 Presidential bid.


Please, let's hope he goes third party and leaves the Democrats who will only work against him, behind.

As of January 10, 2019 registered voters are as follows:

39% Independent

25% Republican

34% Democrat


Thread: No War, Not Now, Not Ever
[-] 1 points by beautifulworld (22835) 6 days ago

Jeffrey Sachs on Syria. Your youtube link has been taken down. This link works:


You are not a loan.

Consumer debt at record highs in UK. With Brexit oncoming, is this sustainable?


U.S. national debt hit record high of $22 Trillion


So much for "conservative" economic policy. Republicans are a sham party. And, Democrats not far behind.

Another reason future generations should be out on the street. This debt will be theirs to deal with along with environmental collapse. The two are connected.