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We kick the ass of the ruling class

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Replying here. "I don't work for anybody."

YOU mean that YOU are just an independent partisan, who trashes Occupy & Occupiers on a regular basis. And NOT a paid hack trying to get us to listen to other paid, conservative, "data research[ers]", like Bernays. And then have us abandon, the kindred, intelligent, "altruistic" people in Occupy?!

Boy, that's a relief!

Man are you really off. I don't work for anybody. Talk about tilting at windmills

I believe an answer can be as simple as some tax reforms, and political reforms

To your quote below, as no reply is available, "You have defanged the occupy movement. Where are all the participants from 3 years ago. Where is GirlFriday, where is Puff 69? They left because of the censorship and disorganization". .... These seem to have gone because those here on the site succumbed to the human instinct to self divide into factions, as was forewarned by our nations founders, to beware to subdivide ourselves and our common interests into factions. Many wished to divide others from themselves, rather than to seek what United most initially, the shock at the corruption and turn of our country to not overcome most basic obstacles and institute the popular will, versus es the interests of those with the greatest power and influences, that their will supersedes that of the people

EDIT add too the encampments were as well disbursed via force as documented, and observed, people had to return to their livelihoods, etc. many seeds have been planted, and some awareness of inequality, though a path to a better distribution of resources is yet to be agreed to.

Absolutely it is the greed. Wealth just keeps getting more and more consolidated at the tops of these corporations...just when you think they can't get richer ...they buy up more companies ( once competitors in the market)...they do not trickle this down to employees. So while some ceo's earn an employees yearly salary in a day and in some cases hours...the empliyee would need to work 100 hours on his payrate to afford the average rent. I think it was Bill Moyers who did an excellent diagram and chart of this problem it is not the work itself that is degrading...it is this new control and consolidated ownership that is. It doesn't feel good to work hard and still be broke (even working two full time jobs and still struggle)...that is totally degrading and a very unfair and unjust society. And while that person working 80-100 hours per week pays a huge chunk back to the government...you could drive a truck through the engineered loopholes that ceo's and corpirations get if they pay anything at all after headquartering offshore. All work is valuable...and has honor...the wirking class are the backbone of this nation. Ceo's set trends and make themselves wealthy while contributing very little of that percent back to workers or the common good. We can access those percentages. And the math shows the greed...the numbers don't lie. Animal Farm ...ceo pigs at the helm. They don't need the loopholes or breaks. They just can't help themselves. They hold our jobs for ransom demanding benefits or threaten to leave and move where they can get them. It is a tactic that works...holding cities hostage. After their job killing consolidation limuted opportunity and options. It is forced reliance.

I don't know who your boss is. You're the one who is always pushing their conservative DNC-type ideology on here, not me. Jee....YOU should know!

YOU, Still... kinda remind me of that SNL character, Debby Downer, you know the person who was super pessimistic, and disliked life in general. The only difference that I can see is that she didn't seem to want other people to be pessimistic and miserable... too.

Did YOU & Brent break bread together, on TG? IF so, I bet that you had a lot to talk about.

Thread: Hi, Kids. So, does Occupy Have Its Own Official Drone?
[-] 2 points by pigeonlady (248) from Brooklyn, NY 8 hours ago

OOoohhh, you HAVE one? Can I play with it? PLEEEEEEAAAASSSEE????

Wait a minute, wouldn't evasive maneuvers work better against the cop-ter and avoiding the wash? And do you mean that black copter that can fly sideways and hangs around DT Brooklyn?

That's easy. By a combination of civil activism, political pressure, and voting for the lesser of evil along the way. Otherwise, nothing would have changed.

How do you feel about raising taxes on the rich and their corporate golden geese? Should we pressure our sold-out leaders to do so or should we just 'not vote' and hope for the best as conservatives run the board?

A one. A two. A one two three.

Let's go Flip, I don't hide behind some cowardly screen name. Yeah, you did a great job in the last election. The nation was really behind you.

Loser, come out and play. You better ban me quick from the 10 people who read this board.

Let's go Flip, I don't hide behind some cowardly screen name. Yeah, you did a great job in the last election. The nation was really behind you.

Loser, come out and play. You better ban me quick from the 10 people who read this board.

have i already used the line that your response is nonsensical - i think so. i hate to repeat myself but sometimes it's called for. the only part of that comment that does make sense is INCORRECT! ows does appeal to voters - and non voters also - who are in the majority in this great country - and with good reason i might add. the people agree with me on these issues - you probably don't realize that - because of that education - right? did you read einstein - he wasn't such a good student so you can see how he feels the way he does about schooling. i would also advise - "dumbing us down" - john taylor gatto - he will help you learn and boy do you need help. now yes please - take your little balls and play with them by yourself at home. did i understand you correctly - were you calling me out? in what way - face to face debate? where - your house - put out your address maybe i am near by. cracker

Can't debate, so you have to runaway.Oops, I made a mistake, so I will take my ball and leave. And you will call me names again.

And you wonder why the Occupy Movement doesn't appeal to the voters

Flip, you want to come out and play. I don't hide behind some silly screen name. Come on, big boy, or are you so cowardly that you have to hide?

ok lawerence - tell you what - i will answer your question about taxes if you answer mine. how has change come about though out history? i am thinking - abolition of slavery, womens rights, civil rights - maybe throw in the 8 hour work day, the right to unionize and strike. how did that change come about larry - that would be a four, five and six!

How do you feel about raising taxes on the rich and their corporate golden geese? Should we pressure our sold-out leaders to do so or should we just 'not vote' and hope for the best as conservatives run the board?

A one. A two. A one two three.

who are you lawerence welk? i never tell anyone not to vote. i just don't like those who tell us that voting is the answer - since it is so obviously not. and yea i really don't like the democrats - they are the ones masquerading as liberals - not me. and they sucked you in big time eh? anyone with a brain knows what the gop stands for - they are pretty open about it! its the dems and their cheerleaders who are ruining the country. remember 2008 - 8 yrs of bush and cheney and you dumb crackers voted for "change we can believe in" - and what did you get - more war, more bank bailouts - take a look at your boys nominations for the fed etc. what a joke - now there is a one and a two and a three for you to dance to! what do you care how i feel about raising taxes - you got your one trick - that seems good enough for you.

well anyone in this racist country who does not understand white privilege is stupid. but i did not call you that - not this time anyway. it was a question. you also need to run your stats better but i am tired of your silliness on education you clearly are not well informed on many subjects - like i said the result of a good education. i suggest reading einstein's essay on education - here is a little quote from him - "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." Albert Einstein

I didn't call you a liberal dummy. I called you a conservative masquerading as a disgruntled liberal in order to offset the influence of OWS on liberal voters.

You're not worried about radicals unless they vote. Your purpose here is to discourage as many non-conservative voters as possible. That's why you go out of your way to name Democratic politicians. Say that reminds me.

How do you feel about raising taxes on the rich and their corporate golden geese? Should we pressure our sold-out leaders to do so or should we just 'not vote' and hope for the best as conservatives run the board?

A one. A two. A one two three.

You have been calling me names since the start if this discussion , "don't we all love a mainstream educated cracker,"

You are calling me stupid??? Please explain to me how how 10% of a group can create such a significant move? The white population has been the majority of the group since 1950. The only way you can get such a significant move in the average is with the majority percentage increasing. And you are calling me stupid. The high school graduation rate has increased significantly since 1950 as has life expectancy. I am not sure what other indicator you want to look at.

So your prefer to read Chomsky over Einstein? Yeah, Einstein was useless He was not productive for society. People don't warm themselves and feed themselves the world over by what he did. No, they sure did not.

you should know - since you are on a ows site - that liberal is not what we proclaim to be. lbj and jfk were liberals - the white upper middle class bourgeoisie are liberals. dummy - we are radicals. read the bottom of the site. and if ranting against the sell outs like obama and clinton - make me less of a liberal well thank god i say.

I'm not going anywhere so you better get to work on a new strategy if you hope to keep up your 'disgruntled liberal' masquerade.


you are so fucking boring - you need to get out more. it is ok to be not so bright but to be boring is really sad

your answer is nonsensical - as usual. the country is less white now than in 1950 - no?? i hear you white boys complaining about that all the time - so if that is true and graduation rates are higher now - well you know what that means. so no education is not the answer - a simple matter of logic - no research needed. less educated population in 1965 and a better standard of living for the working class. a less wealthy country in 1965 than today and yet a better standard of living for the working class. try to explain that! ok, longer life today - so?? and lets be clear i did not call you any names - i asked a question. are you stupid? it is looking more and more like you are. that is often the result of a "good education" and einstein, chomsky, howard zinn and many others can explain to you if you can pick up your reading comprehension skills.

yes it is about class - like we are the 99% - did you miss that one? this is about power - the ability of the "power elite" (c wright mills term - i am certain you have not read him) to grind the working classes into dust in order to enrich themselves. they have done this throughout history - they use quislings and scabs and race to confuse and divide us. they make the poor white southern crackers fight to keep the slave system in place. now how in hell does that make sense. and where do you stand in this fight - with the workers or with the owners? and have i seen what?? the movie "the wind that shakes the barley" - yea, what a good movie - no?

You do not support OWS. You're trying to alter it's message in order to offset it's influence on non-conservatives.