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Thread: House Republicans Introduce Bill to Ensure TSA Accepts Gun Permits as IDs
[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8551) from Phoenix, AZ 1 hour ago


you elect the GOP because you want a tax cut, anybody fooled by your shit is stupid as shit

Thread: Police State Beatings & Murder
[-] 0 points by DKAtoday (32521) from Coon Rapids, MN 6 hours ago

Murder charges made possible by public seeing video recordings as well as video recordings of other police murders having been leaked to the public and the subsequent protests growing across these united states.

Still waiting for the release of all video recordings of the Minneapolis pd shooting/killing of unarmed civilian.

Thread: Police State Beatings & Murder
[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (710) 7 hours ago

''This Thanksgiving, Let’s Say ‘No Thanks’ to the Tyranny of the American Police State'', by John W. Whitehead:

From which I excerpt: ''Militarized police, shootings of unarmed citizens, SWAT team raids, misconduct and qualified immunity have transformed the U.S. into a police state. What we must contend with today is the danger of having a standing army (which is what police forces, increasingly made up of individuals with military backgrounds and/or training ... have evolved into) that has been trained to view the citizenry as little more than potential suspects - combatants and insurgents. Despite propaganda to the contrary, it is estimated that U.S. police kill more people in days than other countries do in years. On an average day in America, at least 100 Americans have their homes raided by SWAT teams (although I have seen estimates as high as 300 a day), which are increasingly used to deal with routine police matters: angry dogs, domestic disputes, search warrants, etc. Every Five Days a police officer somewhere in America engages in sexual abuse or misconduct.'' However .. I do recommend reading the entire heartfelt article.

RIP Laquan McDonald (executed by 16 bullets); RIP Sandra Bland {dead before the PD Mugshot} et al.

verb. sat. sap. ...

Thread: ISIS attacks, distract.
[-] 2 points by MattHolck0 (3702) 14 hours ago

russia and the US have the top sales of weapons to the world If the both stopped weapons export that would be greater than 50^ of the market

Thread: ISIS attacks, distract.
[-] 2 points by grapes (3950) 15 hours ago

Russia has just lost an Su-24 bomber jet to NATO member Turkey's airspace defense and a rescue helicopter to U.S.-supplied TOW missile. This is very scary pre-made stuffing for Thanksgiving. Will mushroom gravy be served?

Now that would really be something.

Thread: Peace Prize's Latest Creation: A New Nuclear Bomb!! Heyo!!
[-] 3 points by Shule (2371) 18 hours ago

Geez! I thought this nuclear bomb stuff went out with the last century. Come to see here that they're not only doing it, but gloating about it. Meanwhile, they're trying to goad Russia into a war. Psycho or what? Obviously the powers ruling over us think battles with tactical nukes and WW-III is ok; like no big deal. I shutter to think what will happen should the war Hag become Prez, and get her creepy hands on these bombs.

Thread: Incredibly Accurate Mock Election Reveals Sanders Win
[-] 3 points by MattHolck0 (3702) 20 hours ago

there is no next time

only the present possibility to do something

Thread: ISIS attacks, distract.
[-] 2 points by MattHolck0 (3702) 20 hours ago

the military has lost control of it's jets

Write In "NO WAR" on your signature for the Ballot

they hold election day over the people like a certain doom

Thread: Incredibly Accurate Mock Election Reveals Sanders Win
[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (3702) 21 hours ago

People in Iraq and Syria don't need any more guns or bombs

ISIS is all CIA trained rebels or CIA ops.

Do you think the west is too moral to off a few hundred of its civilians to get the public endorsement to go further and take more rights?

Dont listen to any of these idiots.

Just remember, Dems and Reps alike treated OWS as potential threats:


And yet, here you are, promoting one of them. How odd? Plant much?

Here's a VERY basic chart for you to show you that the debt is a one way clock, as is the surplus. I really thought you would have something better than this, ugh.


Here is one as a percentage of GDP: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f7/US_Federal_Debt_as_Percent_of_GDP_by_President_(1940_to_2014).png

I would have thought maybe you would of said how Bush brought down the towers, that would have been more fun.

If you are looking to prove who is the worse in this instance, well, sorry, but Obomber takes the cake on that one, the current standard bearer for backwards surplus lol.

But make no mistake, whoever is next WILL be worse, because this train doesnt go in reverse.


Zero Sum Game; Binary Reductionism ... is curdling your brain, frf! Why not give it up for Thanksgiving?!

I've nothing to do with the GOP-Lite or the GOP! I'm for Bernie for PotUS but you'll happily vote for HRC!!

nosce te ipsum ...

Thread: Incredibly Accurate Mock Election Reveals Sanders Win
[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8551) from Phoenix, AZ 23 hours ago

Do you think isis too moral to do such a thing? Do you think it some random act? Or do you think something else?

Thread: Incredibly Accurate Mock Election Reveals Sanders Win
[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8551) from Phoenix, AZ 23 hours ago

We got to do a lot of things, but all of it depends on defeating the GOP at the polls, that is still the most impactful thing anyone can do.

Yes, I'll smash that one out of the park.

Al Gore supported moving all of our factories to Mexico and China via GATT and NAFTA, countries with no environment laws whatsoever. Those treaties also opened up the doors for many other countries with rules to do the same.

The overwhelming vast majority of the environmental pollution comes from these countries, which would have never happened without those treaties being signed.

We wont get into the decimation of labor here because of it, but its worth noting.

No amount of fake environmental standards or pr nonsense about "opposition" will ever undo what those two treaties did to wreck the entire planet. Pollution is a global game.

Bill and Al were just smart enough to realize if the government moved it all out of here so that you personally cant see most of it, you would think everything is fine.

Americans. Blind to the rest of the world as usual.

I'd prefer you stopped wearing your ass as a hat: no more; no less!

Your simplistic, reactionary nonsense shows your mind is a mess,

Reducing everything down to the Duopoly Binary is, I must confess

A bore & a chore that is both dark and dumb - but now I do digress.

Just watch the Full 23rd November show and pick out what is best!

From the above & the previous 'Truth-Out' link .. ''It's time for Democrats to embrace and run on their party's core values, the kind of values represented by people like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and ... Bernie Sanders -- who up until recently didn't even call himself a Democrat!

''That's the only way Democrats can hope to win elections in red states again.

''It really is that simple, because, as Harry Truman once said, "Given a choice between a Republican and a Democrat who acts like a Republican; the voters will pick the Republican every time!"

So is it ''time for the Democratic Party to stop promoting Democrats who act like Republicans & return to the progressive roots and values laid out and championed by truly progressive presidents like FDR''?!

veritas vos liberabit ...

It's cute you think that the Dems would allow for the GOP to be taken out, like your precious little votes mean anything to either of them.

Thread: the need for strong unions
[-] 2 points by ImNotMe (710) 23 hours ago

'Debt Serfdom in America'' - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/liaquat-ali-khan/debt-serfdom-in-america-p_b_8510974.html - is an essential read for all OWS supporters & fyi, please also try to consider this ..

multum in parvo ...

Thread: I met a Green Party candidate for the Senate yesterday.
[-] -1 points by factsrfun (8551) from Phoenix, AZ 23 hours ago

So you would prefer the GOP win so things will get worse so you can build support? that's what one of you said, just before he stopped posting i guess telling the truth got him all flustered, but is that why you are always pushing to elect the GOP so things will get so bad people will turn to the Greens?

I never claimed things were good, just that the GOP is pure evil and must be killed before it kills America.

Thread: I met a Green Party candidate for the Senate yesterday.
[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8551) from Phoenix, AZ 23 hours ago

I know you think it doesn't matter, and it probably doesn't, Bogie got it right when he said you and me don't amount to a hill of beans, but I think the truth does matter, if we all told the truth the airstrikes would end in a bit... my point has always been that it don't matter if you sit around and talk all day if on election day you let a Republican win it just don't matter what you say. it matters what you do. There is lots more that must be done but defeating the GOP is fundamental to it all.

''Why Are Democrats Running as Republicans?!'' - by Thom Hartmann and team:

Now you're going to have to take your ass-hat off to read that, so good luck with that! How about I help?

By excerpting: ''Ever since the "centrist" (aka corporatist) "New Democrats" staged their coup back in the late 1980s and recruited Gov. Bill Clinton, most Democrats have run for office and governed as Republicans-lite.

''Instead of pushing progressive values and populist economics, they call for welfare "reform," talk about how cutting Social Security might be a good idea, and support awful trade deals like NAFTA & the TPP.

''Oh, and if that wasn't bad enough, they also take in millions of dollars in donations from the fat cats on Wall Street, big Pharma & the so-called "defense" industry.'' Interesting, huh?! Or is TH a GOP enabler?

verum ex absurdo ...