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Day of Action Against Home Foreclosures: Live Broadcast.

Posted 3 years ago on Dec. 6, 2011, 1:57 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

Note: the link titled "Official OWS Website" is a link to New York City's general assembly. NYCGA represents New York City, not the global movement as a whole.

Watch live streaming video from occupynyc at livestream.com

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for immediate release
Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011 — 3:07pm

99% Movement Occupies Homes Nationwide
Brooklyn Community & Occupy Wall Street Stand with Homeless Family, Help Them Reclaim Vacant House Foreclosed by Bank of America

Online updates & multimedia: http://occupyourhomes.org

Twitter hashtags: #OccupyHomes #D6

Location: East New York — 702 Vermont Street, Brooklyn (3 train to Pennsylvania, L train to Livonia)

Brooklyn, NY — In a bold new phase for the 99% movement, a vacant home in the center of New York City’s foreclosure crisis is presently being reclaimed today for a local homeless family. Occupy Wall Street, along with local neighbors and community groups, has pledged to stay with the family and defend them from eviction.