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We are the 99 percent


I am 58. Since childhood, I have seen the price of everything increase continually and without any good reason. I reject the reasons put forth by the money mongers. The REAL reason prices increase is because under the Capitalist system as it exists, every price increase also increases profits for the money mongers. Untill the system is tweaked to penalize higher prices and reward lower prices, this will continue until the entire house of cards collapses under its own bloated weight.

This is compounded by the fact that own government acts as enablers for the money mongers. With all of the happy speak about "serving the people," the people the elected serve are the ones who bought them their seats. That's right. Free elections are very expensive, and the end result is the best damn government that money can buy, which is why so many of our laws benefit the money mongers at the expense of the 99%. And of course public works projects are awarded to private contractors who then make giant profits off of the public coffers. Until money, fame and power, as well as careers, are removed from the selection of our lawmakers, this will never change. That's right. Politics as a career has got to be ended. These people live to make laws. Just how many laws do we need? Does anybody really understand the laws we already have?

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