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We are the 99 percent


They're stripping Our Nations Historic Engines of Prosperity - the very Employments which made America an Advanced Economy and sending them to cheapest Labor Pools for Corporate Profiteering.

This is at the expense of National Wealth Generation - the Pay Checks to Workers that Power our Consumer Economy & Fuel American Growth in Community.

Take These Two Fundamental Statements from American circa 1800s congress.

Make them your Own - Our Own.

They will Spell It Out for Our Nations News Media in No Uncertain Terms:

' The Founding Agreement between Business & Government is:

Business shall gain Access to Our Markets in turn for Employing Our Citizens'

'The Wealth of Any Nation is it's Domestic Manufacturing of Product for Export Sales'

-to say other is to Bed with Fools & Liars-

best regards,

Brian Tourville

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