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Forum Post: Zombie Foreclosures against main street, what's Occupy doing about it?

Posted 1 year ago on April 10, 2013, 5:30 a.m. EST by DebtNEUTRALITYpetition (586)
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Millions of foreclosure victims will become zombie tax debtors, being hit a second time years after the foreclosure was allegedly declared.

If just .001 percent of these homeowners "crack", and buy a gun, that will dominate the major news outlets for weeks at a time.

Not the millions of zombie fraudclosure cases, the media will instead focus on the one or two who crack.



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[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 1 year ago

The bank Holds Title to the House. The person that wants the house signs a contract to be a Tenant to the house or of the Bank...

Used to be that Government's main function was to Regulate Commerce not People... But now the contract Law is so Strong that people really get indentured servitude.

Zombie Banks can Pay the Taxes & Fees on Zombie Foreclosures.

They just prefer not to. They like to play hard ball, since they get Bonus Money for Playing Hard, and Making Money for the System.

Sure, each state has different Laws... But there was something on the Internet going around.... How we don't have any right of ownship on a Mortgage... since we are Tenants. The Bank actually Owns the House and Deed.

One could argue that when the Tenant leaves the house ... the Owner is Responsible for paying the Taxes, Fees, & Liens on the Property. **But since the Corporation, the bank, is not a "Real Person" they don't get Credit Hurt by not paying Taxes & Liens.

Citizens united Ruling of the Supreme Court says Corporations are People:

  • So Let Banks Suffer Credit Ratings for failure to pay on Taxes, Fees, and Liens on Foreclosures.
  • Force Banks to get served for not Paying bills on Mortgages since they are the Real Titled, Deeded Owner.
  • Set Aside Contract Law, to Recognize the Bank, Mortgage Company, Mortgage Servicer ... as the True Owner of the House, Property, or Real Estate.
[-] 1 points by DebtNEUTRALITYpetition (586) 1 year ago

Yes, it seems like the corporations are getting to have it both ways, they are a person when it helps their standing, and when it doesn't, then they magically turn into a corporation.

The government should back all mortgages. I think the reason the government doesn't is to make the rich elite happy with residual income off of the mortgage interest that is charged.

The problem is nobody is truly protecting the homeowner.

[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13707) from South Burlington, VT 1 year ago

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- It was described as one of the most grisly scenes Los Angeles police had ever encountered: the bodies of five small children and their parents, all shot to death, in two upstairs rooms of the family's home.

"The reaction on their faces was not a pretty sight," neighbor Jasmine Gomez told CNN. "There was an officer who came out of the house throwing up."

But even more incomprehensible to some was the story that emerged after the bodies were found Tuesday: A father who, after he and his wife were fired from their jobs, killed all six family members before turning the gun on himself.

In a letter faxed to Los Angeles television station KABC before his suicide, Ervin Antonio Lupoe blamed his former employer for the deaths, detailing his grievance against Kaiser Permanente's West Los Angeles Medical Center, where he and his wife Ana had worked as technicians.

Lupoe, 40, claimed the couple was being investigated for "misrepresentation of our employment to an outside agency for the benefit to ourselves's [sic], childcare." He said the initial interview was held on December 19, and when he reported for work on December 23, "I was told by my administrator ... that 'You should not even have bothered to come to work today. You should have blown your brains out.'"

[-] 2 points by ZenDog (13707) from South Burlington, VT 1 year ago

I participate only with sadness, and on the condition that it is clearly understood, this is not some competition. This is class warfare, and this is part of its body count.