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Forum Post: What's the point now?

Posted 4 years ago on April 5, 2014, 5:40 p.m. EST by donniec13 (5) from Mercersburg, PA
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So the supreme court has untied somemore binds holding the rich from simply choosing their own heads of state and country. The mass of 99% don't seem to want to gather in furious retribution. I fear it is just another step to a Kingdom style country. I hate using everyone elses words, like Olagarky"spellcheck". Complicated terms just confuse the mass of people that would rather watch simple minded tv than worry about how the government cuts and divides what is a steadily shrinking paycheck.

put simply, welcome to America, Inc. where you are no longer a citizen, but an employee. America, Inc. will not honor social security.Medicare.Medicaid.Foodstamps.Unemployment.Section 8 housing.Welfare.,etc.etc.etc.

If you don't work, you die. simple.

sponsored by millionaires,billionaires,and soon to come;trillionaires.

that's the only human race that matters. the richest.

Occupy. you need to be Pissed, conquer, where the F is our people in offices? Like the Tea Party losers?

I challenge you to rise through the ranks as one of the government's own. but when you get to the white house and or congress and or senate, say hahahahaaaa, i've fooled you all, i am an OccupyWallStreet member, and now I'm Occupying here!



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[-] -2 points by friedmanmises1 (-42) 4 years ago

Why not rise through the ranks of the rich as an entrepreneur, creating good, well paid jobs for employees and innovative products to improve people's lives?

Wait, no, that would be greedy.

[-] 1 points by donniec13 (5) from Mercersburg, PA 4 years ago

hmmmm, greedy? no. powerless? yes. Offices of government Trump any and all possible startup companies you can make. It's easier to start a campaign than to start a business. As the years progress, and the world economy grows, high paid jobs will be nill. why pay you 20 bucks an hour, when they can pay someone somewhere 2 bucks an hour or less? good luck with your faith in humanity when it comes to sharing the wealth, sucker. Trickle down is a lie, when the top dogs have pockets lined with leak resistant golden lining, and pay the lawmakers to make sure they get to keep their money legally.

Money is speech. How loud is your voice? Only as loud as your bank statement there mr. mime.

Bow down to citizens united, peasant.