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Forum Post: To those who still have their innocence

Posted 5 years ago on Dec. 19, 2012, 10:36 p.m. EST by Misaki (893)
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The world is supposed to end in two days. So let's keep this short.

The reason for the two worst massacres in the United States this year is because people within the established system, including the wealthy and middle class, were not willing to support working less as the solution to unemployment.

How does killing children help to convince people to work less, you ask? The answer can be found within the President's speech after the Sandy Hook shooting: he says that we should have sympathy for the parents of the survivors because "they know that their children’s innocence has been torn away from them too early." Too many adults think that nothing can change, and so we shouldn't even try. And so children and adults continue to die senselessly, both in the US and in other countries as a result of war and starvation.

Five days before the Sandy Hook shooting, this was posted on the OWS site, explaining why James Holmes has not described the reason for his attack in Aurora:
(As well as here: http://www.usmessageboard.com/clean-debate-zone/266703-the-us-is-1-including-rampage-killings-among-developed-countries.html)

Three days later, Adam Lanza attempted to purchase a rifle from a sporting goods store. Since he destroyed his computer hard drive before the attack it is unlikely the authorities would have discovered his motives on their own. Anyone who does not support working less as the solution to unemployment is accepting the fact that more children will be killed, maybe their own children, but that isn't even important because we could prevent that simply by banning private gun ownership as other countries do.

This doesn't mean we are immoral. It just means that our morality is one where we value our lives as little as we do those of other people, and that trying to kill anyone who does not support an end to these problems is a moral thing to do.

We don't need to accept this situation. Obviously, mainstream media outlets are not going to carry something like this, so don't be surprised if where you read it is not a site you normally visit. The apathy of adults towards this solution is a direct cause of people you care about possibly being killed, or even people you don't know.

We can't control what people do. But we can make sure they have the information necessary to make proper decisions.

The rest is up to you.



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