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Forum Post: [DELETED]

Posted 5 years ago on Feb. 8, 2013, 4:11 a.m. EST by anonymous ()
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[-] 1 points by universalbri (13) 5 years ago

Part 2 - ending:

With the ‘real’ meats reintroduced to their diets, this saw a growing paranoia and a slow return to a warlike witch-hunt of the Soviet Union to the point of creating the Red Scare, and the subsequent McCarthy Hearings.

Having been exposed to the ‘secret’ of McDonald’s, it was then that Vice President Nixon spearheaded a proposal to convert the entire nation over to a vegetarian diet. President Eisenhower’s initial reaction wasn’t pretty. A World War 2 veteran, he saw the Soviet Union as a credible threat. Upon being introduced to a vegetarian diet, temporarily and being shown the ‘cold hard evidence’ he reluctantly agreed with his Vice President and signed the most important order any president has ever signed. The US was set to become the first entirely vegetarian nation on planet Earth by the turn of the century, and wouldn’t even know it.

How was this to be accomplished? First, the consumer needed to be distanced from the animals being killed but not know they'd been distanced from it. This set in motion the biggest top secret operation in American History, even bigger than the building of the Atomic Bomb.

It operated in several phases: First, Independent mom and pop groceries stores would be encouraged to expand their operations to centralize their distribution chains, or agree to buyouts. Second, Meat markets and producers of meat based products that refused generous buyouts or distribution channel changes would in turn be squeezed out of competition, unable to compete with the costs of centralized distributors.

The intelligence services had already been experimenting with prepackaged vegetarian meats at Von’s Grocery Store in California since 1948, and with personal relationships with Richard Nixon, Von’s agreed to centralize its distribution operations to supply the prepackaged meat to all its facilities. This was followed by Fry's in Arizona in the late 70s. Both had already been acquiring customer demographic information to allow for statistical studies in behavior, and both had ties to the electronic industries to allow for intelligence quality information to tie customer behavior to consumption. We’ve all been to Fry’s Electronics, right? Well this is why they split. The ‘myth’ was they didn’t get along, that made it easy for both to work with US Intelligence and not raise suspicion they were in collusion.

With incontrovertible success in the first distribution chains, the plan to convert the nation’s diet was written in stone.

In 1999, the last grocery store was converted over to completely vegetarian offerings, making the entire nation's supply chain for meat supplied from grocery stores - entirely vegetarian. The chicken, beef, shrimp, fish, all these products are being allowed to 'roam free' again, in fisheries restocking supplies in the overfished oceans, and the animal's own biological evolutionary paths are being allowed to continue once again.

In 2009, the last meat inspection facility in Colorado was closed. My uncle worked there as a lead inspector and retired at the last facility which would inspect meat products. There were, quite simply, no more suppliers of meat products in the United States left.

The moral of this: If you don’t kill your own meat, then the meat you’re eating is entirely vegetarian within this country’s borders.

And our country has been entirely vegetarian since 2009. Sure, they missed their target date by 9 years. They didn’t realize there’d be a cyber war that would cause all hell to break loose. More on that one later.

All of this thanks to one man. The very same man who quite likely paid the ultimate sacrifice, by sacrificing his name for the sake of his country, to save his country from itself.

This man was Richard Nixon.

And what he did next with currency is what literally saved the world.

That story is to come……