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Forum Post: The ONLY Peaceful Resolution.

Posted 4 years ago on Jan. 13, 2014, 5:48 p.m. EST by SirKarl (0)
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We MUST destroy the dollar. Create a virtual currency. Earn credits through hard work and combining the efforts of the millions of citizens who just wish to take care of their own and others if they can. It is time to strip this government and the capitalists of the only element that gives them power. The useless piece of paper currency we refer to as the dollar. I have started a very elementary introduction into what I am refering to on Faveor.com I need your help. I see children hungry, homeless. Parents lost and suffering. There are those among us who have the technological skills to make this happen. PLEASE! I am 53 years old and consider myself a strong man. Yet I am brought to tears when I see a child living in a car with their family due to the greed of corporations and the corruption of our government. I would die for my family. YOU. This is a war. One that can be won without a single shot being fired. Will you at least not try? Protesters are met with violence. We do not even need to leave our homes to destroy the evil that now runs our country and governs our way of life. I am calling on all you technological folks out there. Please contact me.



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