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Forum Post: The Life And Times Of The 'Factually Inaccurate'

Posted 4 years ago on June 16, 2013, 1:06 p.m. EST by bigdog187 (47)
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HERE'S THE THING: Really late yesterday evening I was on Twitter, and having a back in forth with several journalists about this article BECAUSE the other day my wife, Florha, made some comments on The Huffington Post specifically geared toward and coupling well with this article. Those comments were removed by Huffington Post BECAUSE: This comment has been removed. Most comments are removed because of an attack or insult on another user or public figure. Please see the guidelines here if you're not sure why this comment was removed.

HERE, BY THE WAY, ARE HER COMMENTS: "Inside Microsoft, some called it "Hoovering" – not after the vacuum cleaner, but after J. Edgar Hoover, the first FBI director, who gathered dirt on countless Americans". Hoover gathered countless amounts of information and CREATED FALSE information on countless Black Americans, mainly!!!!! The development of the COINTELPRO program was supposed to combat " counter terrorism " here in America. The COINTELPRO group focused mainly on Black Americans while EMPLOYING and IGNORING KKK like groups as well as the mafia groups of that time. The IRS gave these hate groups 501 C 4 tax exempt statues as though terrorizing Black Americans was & is one of the social imperatives of the United States government resulting in the greater good for all America's peoples. SO, then, can I assume that this NSA surveillance program, today, which is" Hoover like" is and has been doing the same thing as Hoover's COINTELPRO program of yesterday? COINTELPRO needs to get investigated and decommissioned..."

The kicker is, and back to my back and forth on twitter with the journalists. The Associated Press was the originator of this article based on retorts to more recent postings from Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian. According to the AP on Twitter someone from The Obama Administration, they did not identify who of course, but someone from The Obama Administration ordered the article corrected or taken down altogether BECAUSE it was quote, "full of factually inaccurate information" end quote, close quote. The AP folded and removed altogether the article. That set off an all be it quiet chain reaction BECAUSE Huffington Post, shortly thereafter removed the very same article altogether, BUT and not before removing my wife's comments altogether as well.

YET and still in all The Huffington Post comes right back the very next day and post the very same article, BUT on a much more broader perspective, and in the mean time mums the word over at AP. I might just add since the fall out from Edward Snowden both Glenn Greenwald and Barton Gellman of Washington Post Politics, the other reporter who broke The Edward Snowden Story have been Fast & Furious with follow up stories on this and other related stories.

ITS a funny thing, to me at least, that AP would fold, Huffington Post would fold and then try and come back via their posting and save face and Glenn Greenwald and Barton Gellman would play tag via social media all BECAUSE Barack Obama and Company don't like something said or done by others. WAS IT NOT them and theirs who said, "If you see something, say something"? Edward Snowden saw something SO he said something. My wife tried to expound on that and because somebody got offended BECAUSE those concerned took them up on their offering the truth is yet still removed from US, from WE THE PEOPLE, and in the end that's all that matters THE TRUTH and WE THE PEOPLE having uninhibited and uninterrupted access to the truth! The War on Terror is over, Usama Bin Laden is Dead and GM is alive and well, is it not? SO what's the problem with access to on the how, what, where, when, why and how of exactly how you did it?




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[-] 1 points by SingleVoice (158) 4 years ago

Creeping tyranny is what we have and full blown tyranny is where we are headed. This NSA program needs to end now. We can't trust our govt and you know they are using this program to target THEIR political enemies and people that don't agree with them, NOT enemies of the US. Did you know that this program doesn't apply to Mosques? That is the only group NOT under surveillance. What sense does that make when terrorists like the Boston bombers have a relationship with a mosque. It just shows that the program is not what they say it is.

Our liberties have been slowly eaten away and now the pace has picked up as we watch them take more and more of our freedom. The one thing in common in all of the "scandals" are the numerous lies being told to us by the people in charge of each dept where a scandal has been identified. These include the IRS, NSA, HHS, EPA, DOJ and State Dept. And those are just the ones we're aware of. Many people aren't even aware of the scandals in the EPA and HHS. The corrupt culture in DC has become "the end justifies the means...always lie until caught, then lie some more."

Loose lips Maxine Waters in Feb 2013 said that Obama has the most "massive database in life". Now we know where he got it...the NSA. A program like that demands trust and this govt has lost all credibility. No one trusts them. This program didn't stop the Boston bomber and Russia warned us about one of them. Our voices need to be heard by our reps in DC (before we fire them all next year) to end this program NOW. Besides the Pres said 2 weeks ago that the war on terror is over, so what does he need this program for?

Also, when every major network media news outlet exec is married to or a relative of someone in the administration, our news is propaganda and no better than state run media. Journalism on those networks is dead. They all carry the water for the pretender-in-chief, our bystander Prez and his minions.

[-] 1 points by gameon (-51) 4 years ago

the 4th estate ( the press) is a 5th column( for the current administration).

[-] 1 points by bigdog187 (47) 4 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the posting, it is very much appreciated. Thank you also for contributing to the discussion, and for making your feelings known about the subject. I very much share in your sentiments and agree that we all have to work to remove these people from office this year and next, and most certainly in the years to come. I stand next to you in sold one accord agreement on that idea and then some! Thanks again for your response, be well, safe and blessed by family, friends and the ones you hold dear....

[-] 0 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 4 years ago

KKK terrorism is a historical connection to US policy of threat

that got past me

was it 1 million that died in Iraq?

[-] 1 points by bigdog187 (47) 4 years ago

My wife is African-American hence the KKK reference, bare with her I'm teaching her the ins and outs here. Thanks for your comments/question, they are appreciated, all the best!