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Forum Post: The Latest From Free And Equal:

Posted 5 years ago on March 24, 2013, 6:03 p.m. EST by OTP (-203) from Tampa, FL
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Actually We Don't We don’t need more DRONES! We don’t need the PATRIOT ACT! We don’t need the NDAA! We don’t need more WARS! We don’t need more BANKER BAILOUTS! We don’t need to be TOLD what to EAT, DRINK, or THINK! ALL this is happening today using your tax dollars and it will get worse unless we peacefully and positively come together to reform our electoral process NOW.

Free & Equal's 2012 Presidential debates (like real debate moderated by Larry King) rocked the political establishment and we want to do it again in June with the United We Stand Festival!

The United We Stand Festival in Little Rock Arkansas this summer will bring together honest people who have had enough.

Our line-up is building daily. Honest speakers and musicians expected to confirm: Jesse Ventura on how he became governor and so can you. G Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve. Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK on Drones, Not to mention "A' list musical talent like "Golden State Band", "Jordan Page", "Lupe Fiasco", "Ziggy Marley", "David Grohl", and more!

With a successful United We Stand Festival we will be able to move forward immediately on projects such as: Free & Equal National Database Free & Equal Honest Network Free & Equal Nationwide State Leadership Caucuses Free & Equal 10-City University Bus Tour If you agree with what we are doing and want more FREEDOM and a brighter future for our country, then help us start NOW.

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