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Forum Post: "The Angry Black Man" Bull#$%@"

Posted 5 years ago on Oct. 5, 2012, 1:11 a.m. EST by matoinyanawacis (157)
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Can ANYONE, with a modicum of intelligence and the most simplistic ability to eschew reasonable speech and conversation, explain to me or any other rational being, just why a black man DOES NOT have the "RIGHT" to be angry. They like many other racial minorities have been abused, misused and violated by the White race on both sides of the ocean, and for centuries before this nation was even founded on its alleged principles of "Freedom". This nation was created by, run by and greedily clung to by, the most racist and ideologically driven white MEN in history, and it is also the most dishonest of all nations when it comes to defining their role in the subjugation, abuse and violation of other peoples of other races who are counted among their own citizenry. The FACT that WHITE MEN have the audacity to believe they have ANY right to criticize any minority race for being angry about being denied equal treatment of dignity and human rights is so beyond evil and loathsome, that those white men cannot be called anything but what they are... RACISTS. Oh by the way.. right wing nuts who choose to troll this post... I am only quarter blood Native American, the rest is white trash, probably due to some racist white rapist somewhere in my history who thought he had the right to abuse Native Americans... Due to the misguided and malfeasant mentality of the nations core dominant population in charge of the U.S. Government...Sickos, Murderers and Rapists. So for any of these twisted parasitic white racist morons to say that the black man, or the Native American, or the Latino has no right to express their anger at the vile abuse they have suffered at the hands of this nations misguided and evil white overlords, is not only an idiot, but also parasite from another era. Every man has the right to express anger at being violated. This nation owes reparations for every violation it has espoused and instituted to the detriment of other races, much like America and England forced Germany to pay reparations for war crimes, etc. The White Man has NO RIGHT to tell any minority that he or she has no right to be angry.... One day, the white man is going to be the minority, and he better hope that the majority doesn't think to treat them the way they were treated in the past... Only thing is, I believe those other races have much better morals and ethics, and actually hold more truly and honestly to the teachings of Jesus Christ... Most racists claim such beliefs... however... actions speak LOUDER than paltry words.



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[-] -2 points by yobstreet (-575) 5 years ago

Well I can tell you in just a few short words: the African American has no right to be angry because it was not only his people that sold him into slavery, but also his people that initiated and encouraged that trade.

He has no right to be angry because slavery in America was color blind; our historical emphasis has entirely neglected the millions of poor whites also enslaved, of which only one in ten survived to own property, have a family, or leave descendants.

He has no right to be angry because millions of Americans sacrificed their lives and generational fortunes in this moral revolution, in an effort to state to the world, that none here shall be the oppressed.

He has no right to be angry because he himself has never been enslaved; he was born into a world of opportunity unrivaled anywhere in the world.

America does not owe reparations, either, to anyone, because it was not America that enslaved - it was Holland, Spain, Portugal, England, Germany, Northern Africa, the Med, etc. Furthermore, you cannot visit the crimes of the father upon the son; that would be "immoral."

I don't believe we'll see this white minority you speak of because we will very soon become the refuge of the entire Western World; Europe is coming to America. And I think humanity itself will snuff itself out by virtue of population growth long before your dream of an entirely homogenous non-white world sees fruition.

But in any case, good luck with that, and to the victor go the spoils.