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Forum Post: Summarizing the future, Conglomerate style

Posted 5 years ago on March 15, 2013, 1:46 a.m. EST by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB
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I thought I would summarize the purpose of the Conglomerate from top to bottom. Understand that the Conglomerate is not the top, but just necessary steps on the path. I'll start with the desired end result and work down to the lowest precondition I have time tonight for.

The end result is no money, equality and equal opportunity, and unprecedented efficiency and democracy. It's a left-libertarian, resource-based, scientifically governed society.

The above can take many forms. When I talk about Departmental Governance, I don't really expect it to happen. It's just my idea of how a civilization should be politically structured in the information age.

  • To get this resource-based economy, we need look no further than Jacque Fresco's Venus Project.

  • To end the horrible waste inherent in our government and political system, we need look no further than Departmental Governance.

  • To get the unprecedented democracy we need to support the cooperative / Worker Self Directed Enterprise (WSDE) movement. We have Richard Wolff and http://www.democracyatwork.info/. Among many other initiatives, we have the 99% Conglomerate.

Venus Project

The man devoted incredible talent, vision and time into his project. No one should consider redesigning the wheel, this is as good as we can imagine it getting. Unfortunately we can't just flip a switch to get there. Certain things need to change.

Departmental Governance

This never-discussed, diamond in the rough structure for politics and government has the ability to fix systemic issues we currently live with. It removes political parties and electoral waste. It remarkably removes potential for corruption, including corporate influence on decision-making. It makes the whole system and structure more robust and less vulnerable to enemies (foreign and domestic). It allows for far better decision-making in more responsible and logical ways. It's positive effect on society will be off the charts. But again, we can't get there until certain things change.

Workplace Democracy and the 99% Conglomerate

Richard Wolff should be a household name. Workplace Democracy should be something employees of the world fight for incessantly until it is achieved.

Consumers, employees and employers are not entirely convinced, and without an effective strategy we will not see this shift in our lifetime, or for generations to come. The Conglomerate is this strategy, for turning all consumers, employees and employers among the real 99% (targeting those who are not easily convinced) into supporters of the Occupy movement.

The Conglomerate will systematically weaken the 1% while feeding off of it's demise. It will become more powerful than any single entity associated with the 1%, and more powerful and influential than all other entities combined, globally.

When the Conglomerate does its magic and the whole (99%) world has been transformed into "libertarian socialist", democratic and responsible capitalists, we'll see the changes required for all the above.

So what can be done now is simply flesh out all plans for the Conglomerate. What can be done later is define the construct of Departmental Governance.

I hope you tune in to the Conglomerate topics posted here, and consider working together on it. It is for you as much as it is for me. You can be a founder/pioneer too.



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