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Forum Post: Sounds like a joke, but it's not.

Posted 4 years ago on Sept. 7, 2013, 6:32 p.m. EST by richlago1 (-25)
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I'll tell this the way I heard it. It sounds like a joke.....but it's not!

A man dies and meets up with St. Peter. He asks him to explain Heaven and Hell. St. Peter says follow me and he takes him to a small room. In the middle of the room is a large table with people sitting on stools all around. In the middle of the table is a pot of stew. All of the people have long spoons duct taped to their one hand of an arm that is strapped to the table. They are also strapped to their stools as is their other hand. The spoon is long enough to reach the pot of stew yet too long to get into their mouths. All they can do is throw the contents of the spoon into the air and hope to get a little of it in their mouths.

The place is a mess, there is rotting food, flies, rats, and they are covered with the disgusting remains of the food that didn't end up in their mouths. In fact they are starving! St. Peter says "Remember this room". Then he takes him to another room.

Here the conditions are exactly the same. A group of people sitting around a pot of stew all strapped and duct taped so as to have quite limited motion, same as the first room.

  Except here the people are feeding each other.

They are happy and smiling and engaged in positive conversation. They are also quite healthy and the place is clean!

St. Peter says "Remember the first room, that was Hell. The second room, that was Heaven".

Note: Both rooms had sufficient resources and the people were bound by certain limitations as well.

The only difference in the two rooms was that in the first the people tried to do everything for themselves. In the second room they realized they had to work together to survive.

"There are enough resources in this world for mans needs, but not for mans greed" anonymous.

Not a perfect analogy of the world situation today but does tend to make one think mankind could do better! richlago1



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