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Forum Post: Rival Football Teams???????

Posted 5 years ago on Sept. 30, 2011, 8:50 a.m. EST by beccatxvt (11) from Pittsfield, MA
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Can someone help me understand the Typical Divisive "Rival Football Team" commentary on Socialism VS Capitalism. Why is it that one cannot consider Improving Capitalism and addressing its flaws without being called a Socialist? I never understood this. Why can't one discuss the pitfalls of socialism without being deemed a heartless Capitalist either? What if we created a THIRD system based on best practices ? Would that not be a great challenge? Are some people's brains constructed in such a way that they have to only think in black and white simple terms? I don't get it!



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[-] 2 points by resurrectingadream (11) from Greenville, SC 5 years ago

This has been my point for years. Trying to get people to drop labels. The corporatist have to keep us divided in order to control us. Thus you have the corporate owned media constantly pushing these ideas of Socialism vs Fascism vs Capitalism..etc... to the point that we can't talk to each other without thinking there's a hidden agenda... I have three economic genius I like to listen to .. Ron Paul (Capitalist), Noam Chomsky (Socialist) and David Harvey (Marxist). they all agree that Corporatism is what has ruined this country. It's going to take everyone to fight these wall st giants. We simply have to put our fears aside and start working together...

[-] 1 points by beccatxvt (11) from Pittsfield, MA 5 years ago

@ressurecting the dream, Thank you! I agree so much that the divisiveness is in the best interest of the corporation and power elite. That is why I love that you have Ron Paul in there. I am basically a liberal but have been warning my peeps that we should reach out to the tea-partiers because we all agree on some things and all this bashing back and forth does no one any good. I blog on huff post and it is rediculos how everyone blasts each other. The Liberal are sometimes just as bad as the neo cons.

[-] 1 points by resurrectingadream (11) from Greenville, SC 5 years ago

Wow.. that's so funny.. I have not been able to align with any party.. but live in SC now and by their standards I am considered a gun toten' liberal..your the first Liberal I have meet other then myself and my partner that even likes Ron Paul. I actually ran the grassroots the Ron Paul campaign in the upstate of SC last election.. my involvement was over the top, his campaign was refreshing but when the neo-cons of the right started regurgitating what was making him popular and than the tea party comes in I had to disassociate myself. But I still get phone calls and emails asking for my involvement.. I have lately been more active on two Ron Paul Forums trying to encourage their involvement in this demonstration and the Stop the machine happening Oct 6th, not as Ron Paul supporters but as patriots.. You might consider joining the Daily Paul & Ron Paul forums. I have had some success. One person at a time. let me know if I can help... Teresa..

"The greatest good we can do our country is to heal its party divisions and make them one people." Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Dickinson, July 23, 1801

[-] 1 points by resurrectingadream (11) from Greenville, SC 5 years ago

sorry presumption on my part with Ron Paul comment.. I should have said you're the first liberal that didn't tear into me for mentioning his name :0)

[-] 1 points by beccatxvt (11) from Pittsfield, MA 4 years ago

WE are all in this together! There is a way we can come from different places and ideologies and cultures and religions and still engage in productive dialogue. Any of us can do better than congress! You sound like a cool person to me. BTW.....I am heading to NYC tomorrow!