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Forum Post: This Christmas Season We are asking the Nation and the World to Boycott Ford Cars & Trucks

Posted 3 years ago on Aug. 18, 2014, 7:52 a.m. EST by jamespeterevanhoe ()
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John L. Thornton at Ford must go!

Too Big To Prosecute ......HSBC Bank........see Matt Taibbi articles and
Too Big To Fail .......Goldman-Sachs......see Matt Taibbi articles and many many first hand knowledge accounts from me......Jim Evanhoe......how they ripped everyone off destroying millions of families and businesses world wide...........and ....

John L. Thorton sits on the Board of Directors at Ford Motor Co.

His direct relations show ties to Goldman Sachs ...the Wall Street Firm that lead the Tech Boom Sell-off Fraud by selling-out from the TOP defrauding small to mid cap investors globally....starting in March of 2000..planned in advance.....and Thorton lead HSBC Holdings Corp....which profited from laundered Drug Cartel Deposits by North American and Asian Drug Cartels....HSBC is actually a British Hong Kong Bank...with stockholders that include the Windsor Family ... The Windsors profiting millions over a 30 year period...... Taibbi States HSBC received 20% of Drug Cartel Deposits..... These deposits lead Drug Cartels to huge successes.....enlarging their base the number of drug pushers on the street. With the ability to launder their drug money they grew to today their killing thousands of Americans and destroying millions of lives, thousands of neighborhoods-rich & poor, friends and our children.....

The first Ford Dealership in Los Angeles County....Corberly Ford......Joe Corberly's.. daughter... Courtney Corberly-Buffett just lost her daughter to Heroin....Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, CA........Heroin Cartels ....Mexican and Afghanistan... made successful by HSBC money laundering operations. Where Thornton planned apart. HSBC and Corberly-Buffett's death.

Join the Movement....... to "Not Buy" any Ford Product in the USA or Globally. Holding everyone in the leadership at Ford accountable for who they hirer from corrupt Banks and Wall Street Firms is key to eventually seeing them all prosecuted and put in prison. For money laundering , racketeering, leading to death...manslaughter.

HSBC for money laundering drug cartel deposits for 30 years saw a profit estimated at $100 billion with this money their Holdings Grew by Billions. John L. Thorton needs to be removed....by William Clay Ford.

We are asking the Auto Workers at Ford, the Truck Drivers delivering parts and or the finished products to strike as well.....

We either join together to stop the infection of Drugs by Drug Pushers or we lose our society. The American Society is in Chaos in large part because of the success of Drug Cartel pushers over the last 30 years..... Is in Chaos Financially because of Goldman-Sachs AIG and others ripping off the Nation and Global Investors...2002-2008.

See the list of new Movies coming out just from New England ....on these Topics.

Heroin is killing thousands of Americans.....and John L. Thornton at Ford must go.

Movies to see: "Summer Breeze" by director Peter Horgan "The Hungry Heart" by Kingdom County Productions "What Happened Here: The Untold Story of Addiction on Cape Cod" by Sam Tarplin.

See article in the Cape Cod Times.....August 17th, 2014

.........Jim Evanhoe



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