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Forum Post: Malaysian Flight MH 17 Investigation

Posted 3 years ago on Aug. 17, 2014, 8:53 a.m. EST by Crackpot (53)
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What happened to Malaysian flight MH 17?

Special Report: Malaysian Flight False Flag Evidence Revealed.


Exclusive VICE News Footage of MH17 Aftermath: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 60)


Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17


New Straits Times, Malaysia's flagship English-language newspaper, charged the US- and European-backed Ukrainian regime in Kiev with shooting down Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17 in east Ukraine last month.

The New Straits Times article, titled "US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft," lays out evidence that Ukrainian fighter aircraft attacked the jetliner with first a missile, then with bursts of 30-millimeter machine gun fire from both sides of MH17. The Russian army has already presented detailed radar and satellite data showing a Ukrainian Sukhoi-25 fighter jet tailing MH17 shortly before the jetliner crashed. The Kiev regime denied that its fighters were airborne in the area, however.

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