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Forum Post: Interview with US private investigator Sven Hollsworth

Posted 4 years ago on March 30, 2014, 7:12 a.m. EST by 4truthbetold (15) from New York, NY
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This is a transcript from an interview with US private investigator Sven Hollsworth for the program Modern Secrets on KTSC 0.94 am community radio in Houston, Texas which aired on March 24th, 2014. Rick Stanford interviews Sven on what the Truth movement has become and on where it is going.

Interviewer Hi Sven, welcome to our program. It's a pleasure to finally have you with us. Can you start by telling us how you got involved with private investigation work?

Sven Hollsworth Thanks Rick. Thanks for having me. The pleasure is all mine. Well, to answer your question, I come from a family of investigators. My father worked as a scientist for the US military, and my mother was a journalist for the NY Times. Growing up, my parents were always talking about cracking mysteries. Always trying to understand the world around us. I started getting interested in research during my college years. I worked on various mysteries like the JFK assassination and the Philadelphia Experiment. Mostly doing private investigation work and publishing in local magazines. It really started getting interesting with 9/11.

Interviewer What made 9/11 different? How did it change your work?

Sven Hollsworth Well, 9/11 was a big case from the start with many serious issues for our country and our future. What made it really different is the Internet. For the first time, investigators throughout the country and the world could work together. This opened my eyes. I wasn't alone. I realized there were thousands of people out there who wanted to know the truth, just like me. It also made investigation work so much more fun. So much faster. Exchanging ideas on the Internet really sped things up.

Interviewer So, how do you view the Truth movement nowadays? It's been more than 10 years. What have we learned?

Sven Hollsworth We learned a lot, that's for sure. (laughs) Man, you have no idea how much the government is hiding from us. Crazy! The problem is, after a few years we pretty much uncovered everything. There's only so much investigation you can do on any case. After awhile, you analyzed and re-analyzed everything that needed to be checked. It took a few years to break open the case, then the investigation work was done. Some of us wrote books, others gave talks, but the only thing left now if for a new investigation. People like me, those who love investigation work got a bit bored. We weren't sure what to do next.

Interviewer So, that's why you left the movement and started working as a private investigator? How did you make that transition?

Sven Hollsworth I have two kids and a wife. I just needed a way to make money. I didn't quit the Truth movement, but once the investigation work was done I had to find work. Luckily, my work was recognized by many people and I was able to start a private investigation firm with some of my friends from the Truth movement. We do smaller cases. Husbands cheating on wives, lost people, that sort of thing. It's fun. It pays the bills. But I won't lie, we all miss a another big case to crack. What happened to MH370 is really sad, but it's an avenue for us. It's a new project, and a lot of Truther investigators are jumping on the band wagon.

Interviewer Ya, MH370 is a strange story. Really strange. Did you guys already find some things out? It's a pretty recent story.

Sven Hollsworth We're still laying the ground work, but we have some really promising leads. I know a few investigators have already moved to Malaysia and we have some in Australia. We're checking every lead. The Diego Garcia idea is really promising, especially that we have a strong sighting in the Andaman islands. You heard the story right. Crazy how that Malaysian lady got completely ignored from the official investigation. She was in the papers one day, then nothing. There's also that strong Rothschild connection with the patent. We are working on it. We will figure it out. We learned a lot from 9/11. We learned how to work as efficient teams. We'll probably crack this one pretty fast.

Interviewer The difference with 9/11 is that many countries are involved. What does this tell us?

Sven Hollsworth That's the most exciting part! We have Malaysia, China, US, Australia, Indonesia, and a few other countries working together to hide the facts. This is a true international cover up. It really shows that the New World Order is real. If people doubted their power, they have to look no further. Just look at CNN. They have complete control over that. Using it to feed the people with misinformation on a daily basis. Poor families. We really owe it to them to crack this one. I can tell you the whole private investigator community is on this full steam. We're looking under every rock. You know, if we can crack this and show the governments working together to control us, we can finally spell the Truth for the whole world. This could be a major breakthrough.

Interviewer Thanks Sven. I hope you guys can shed some light on this. It sure is a mystery like none other. We'd like to have you on again in two weeks so you can share the progress on this one. Would you come back?

Sven Hollsworth Anytime Rick. My pleasure. This is important. People have a right to know. Just give me a call and I'll be back.

Interviewer Alright, I will! Thank you for your time Sven. And good luck with all your investigations.

Sven Hollsworth Thanks. Glad to be on your show. Looking forward to my next appearance.



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