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Forum Post: I Miss Dylan Rattigan

Posted 4 years ago on Nov. 5, 2013, 8:45 p.m. EST by HCHC4 (-28)
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A thread dedicated to a good guy.




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[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (22871) 4 years ago

Me too. I really liked him. He was great on greed and corruption and getting money out of politics. No wonder he was driven off MSM. Thanks for the link.

[-] -2 points by HCHC4 (-28) 4 years ago

Was one of my fav shows, not surprised its gone. I liked Freedom Watch with Napalitoano- que everyone calling me a libe(R)tarian- and that one got canceled too.

Big bummer. I still watch Morning Joe every morning, just to see whats going on, but there isnt really a show on MSNBC anymore that I can remotely respect. And just to clarify for our band of merry haters, I dont even waste my time searching for anything on FOX.

[-] 0 points by beautifulworld (22871) 4 years ago

I gave up on Morning Joe altogether. It's just spin for the Dems. Check out RT's "Breaking the Set," "The Kaiser Report" and "The Big Picture" at www.rt.com.

And, look, Dylan Ratigan's website is still up:


[-] -2 points by HCHC4 (-28) 4 years ago

A merge of that with MTA would be something we should probably push for.

And a shout out to all the Greens that are keeping the MTA going, still. Good perseverance!