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Forum Post: Fast forward GOP 2013 dream/nightmare

Posted 6 years ago on April 7, 2012, 10:05 p.m. EST by brightonsage (4494)
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"But Mr. Koch, what happens when our base finds out that we have raised their taxes, to cover our tax cut, and we cut their Medicare, cut their Medicaid, cut their food stamps, cut their Pell grants, and unemployment insurance?"

"Nothing, why?"

"What about when they find out that now that the EPA is gone, we have poisoned their air, their water, and their food?

"Don't bother me, it will be fine."

"And now that we are at war with Iran, they have closed the Gulf of Hormuz and gas is $13,99 a gallon and diesel is $18.00?"

"Hey, it isn't a problem and besides, we make more money."

"Oh, and insurance companies just stopped covering Viagra, and the pill, said it was costing them too much, they don't believe in it and now all of the women in the country are either pregnant or have started a sex strike."

"What's that? Holy crap!!! Start the plane we gotta get outa here!!!"

Cut government spending on ......Republicans.



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[-] 1 points by bensdad (8977) 6 years ago

And thank you, OWS, for shining this light on the koc / alec / norquist sewer

[-] 1 points by brightonsage (4494) 6 years ago

Roger that and all of the other Koch club toys.