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Forum Post: Corporate Bureaucracy...the 3 hour hold

Posted 4 years ago on April 9, 2014, 9:21 p.m. EST by elf3 (3994)
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Tell me something all you CAPITALISTS? If corporations and the wealthy hate government bureaucracy so much - then why do they MODEL themselves after it?

When your social security number is breached and you have to spend 8 hours trying to deal with a fraudulent account - two hours getting through waiting - trying to get a person - trying to get it handled all for one account then they won't give you the full info you need to be able to get an arrest...meanwhile you have 8 more companies to call and you work full time. Then per procedure you have to notify all the proper authorities this takes more time and then you had to file a police report after work (and of course go back in the am) because they can't give you the report until that dept is in...which means you have to get off work to get it. You will probably never find out where the breach happened because their CORPORATE BUREAUCRACY isn't equipped to handle it and even if they could they aren't nice enough to tell you because they don't want you to sue them. You left the freeze info in automated systems where you will never really know if they took proper steps or if you'll find out that they never did the freeze and then have to rinse repeat and start over again. Missing work, stressing yourself out where you just want to give up because you really haven't got much but the little bit you've squeezed out of this dry rock - is all you've got and now you will spend years fighting to make sure that corporations aren't allowing people to use your info for whatever - perhaps online sex trades in Guadalajara and then it is your job to spend years untangling a knot they created and it's your "job" to figure it out and work your way through their *BUREAUCRATIC fuckhead system of subdue and control and wear you out while you look over your shoulder for twenty years hoping it does't come back to haunt you. Funny there are no phone numbers on websites anymore - they just want you to send it all electronically ...hey bureaucratic CORPORATE fuckheads - if something got compromised - people probably don't want to risk pushing their data through that same system.



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