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Forum Post: birth and control

Posted 3 years ago on July 2, 2014, 4:26 a.m. EST by elf3 (3861)
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Supreme court decision is insane here is why...it's extremely Funny!!... I took birth control for a health issue that was causing fertility problems to regulate hormones and possibly get my uterus to be able to conceive and prevent endometrial cancer -guess corporations and courts don't care about that...it's just one less thing insurance companies have to pay for - so will I have to go through a tribunal or special consideration explaining in detail to my employers, my exemption considering my circumstance as I spill out the details of my lady parts? But oh wait if they find out I want to take time off in the future and have a baby they will probably find a cause and hackimamy reason I'm not working out..i already deftly avoided the baby grilling from nosy coworkers never hear them ask men when they plan to start families this is gross sexist questioning! Female family planning is still a double edged sword...Anyway many female health problems are treated with the pill...it is not simply a contraceptive (not that that should matter either) now they can refuse to allow woman a basic right of not popping out a child everytime she has sex...so really this is about regulating and limiting sexual pleasure which doesn't happen with men (btw hey at least when woman masturbate their potential baby juice doesn't pour down the shower drain or end up in a tissue- sorry side-tracked here since we all know the religioso wing nuts think our eggs are any different from sperm in this regard aka the objection to the pill which really makes no sense to me...doubtful they even understand that the pill pauses ovulation especially since certain members of congress think our reproductive system can distinguish rape from sex)...and employers can still refuse paid maternity leave or to give time off for parenting issues as well as require overtime not allowing for any work life balance..including paying me (or my husband) enough to feed and clothe and house my potential offspring

When will the contraceptive haters demand corporations to label endocrine disrupting ingredients that cause spontaneous abortion such as parabens and phalates and milk hormones and the risks printed on the product for not only that but potential birth defects...as well as gmo and pesticides that cause infertility ( with rats studies, in two generations complete loss of fertility from genetically modified foods) our supreme court and the churches are seething with hypocrisy!

Hey are vasectomies covered by insurance and hey has anyone ever asked this question or if that is ethical probably not ... they only like to REGULATE woman..forget corporations crops or poisons in food and products that have a contraceptive affect...and cause myriads of health problems particular to females that are often helped by the pill ...forget regulating men...this is about subserviating women carried out and endorsed in our highest court which now sets the precedent others including employers can make decisions about what we do with our bodies..and if I can sue monsanto/ dow for my fertility issues or all the hormones in shampoo and body wash as well as hormones in treated cows that end up in milk and our water supply...that most likely caused too much estrogen to mess up my uterine lining, caused miscarriage and potential endometrial cancer especially when I can't afford the uncovered treatment which is a little group of hormones (much like the ones in your common bodywash, soaps, and shampoo -and milk, meat, and water plus don't forget plastics - except better regulated and measured and balanced) contained in a Pill ....on a secretary salary? Would I win? Hey ladies want to go in on a class action for fertility issues caused by chemicals and gmo...and after that help me fire our supreme court?



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[-] 4 points by Ache4Change (3340) 3 years ago

'It's a basic healthcare issue' - http://www.nationofchange.org/it-s-basic-healthcare-issue-planned-parenthood-s-cecile-richards-reacts-birth-control-ruling-1404306 - but (and from your very good link) 'As far as the Supreme Court is concerned, we're still in the 19th century when it comes to women's rights.'

Thank you for an important OP and link. You make many excellent points, chief amongst which is that contraception in not just birth control but also very important 'medication' too.

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