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Forum Post: Best approach to global unity: 99% Conglomerate

Posted 5 years ago on June 12, 2013, 1:29 a.m. EST by Kavatz (464) from Edmonton, AB
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First realize what divides us.

  • Borders
  • Left and Right
  • Elections
  • Religion and Beliefs

Anything else that doesn't fall into these categories?

Now, what unites us? The market system is the only common thing I can think of that pretty much every person participates in consistently, actually, we can't escape it.

There is a way to plug into everyone who uses money and the market:

  1. Create a social business need based on developing local economies, driven by people with an awareness of capitalism's effect on ecosystems and communities.

  2. Create a movement based on the above. There are plenty of activists willing to support such a movement.

  3. Create an entity that businesses can be a member of and adhere to, putting them in good standing with the movement as well as every consumer. (like the Better Business Bureau, but quite different.)

  4. Create a culture where consumers actively seek these "responsible" sources of products and services, to protect their local land and economy.

The social need is there already, and businesses are trying to look responsible with their Corporate Social Responsibility strategists. It is pretty much a necessary thing these days, to try to appear responsible. We know when it's bullshit, but they have a way of making ordinary folk forget.

Maybe we're not motivated enough yet, and the Conglomerate is currently understood by few. Just wait until people like Richard Wolff get their sights and hands on it. People are pissed off, fighting the system on multiple fronts. Our little community will begin to understand the Conglomerate. A little momentum and the snowball will build fast.

The entity is the Conglomerate. As awareness of the Conglomerate fans out across the globe, businesses will find themselves unable to compete. They will be forced to conform or face a harsh reality.

If you saw two shoe stores side-by-side, one is a Conglomerate Subsidiary while the other is obviously not, which would you choose? What if you were on a boycotting rampage and you saw a confused consumer walking the extra 30 steps to the non-Subsidiary shoe store, wouldn't you be inclined to fix their mind?

When the snowball is really growing and the common mind is spreading, collectively we blame non-believers for the downfall of the economy. The 1% supporter will be easily spotted and demonized, if all goes well. If you see an adult smoking in the car with kids and windows up, you want to beat his ass. If you see someone walking out of a non-Subsidiary shoe store, you want to say "way to support the enemy, asshole".

It's the 99% Conglomerate. If you are not a member, you're basically saying "I am, I think I am, or I want to be in the 1%." Your business will die and you'll be criticized until people forget what you were.



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