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Forum Post: Bernie Asks: Libe(R)tarians Answer

Posted 5 months ago on Feb. 21, 2014, 11:08 a.m. EST by shooz (17866)
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You really have to love how they use the usual libe(R)tarian buzz words in their responses to Bernie's questions.

Responses that don't actually provide answers to his questions.

More like they're reading from a script.




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[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (34903) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 months ago


DKAtoday ‏@DKAtoday

A senator asks a panel of experts to defend Walmart. It gets awkward. (via @Upworthy) http://www.upworthy.com/a-senator-asks-a-panel-of-experts-to-defend-walmart-it-gets-awkward?g=2&c=slt1

What do YOU Think?


[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13510) from South Burlington, VT 5 months ago

here's the statement by Aparna Mathur from the American Enterpirse Institute, it begins at 5:57

  • So I don't think we should be subsidizing Walmart but I think the workers have a choice about where they want to work if they are choosing to work at Walmart you know that is their choice and we should not uh decide for them whether its a good choice ah the program subsidizes workers ah you know these are poverty programs that you know benefits for the refugee workers so you know if you think they are creating jobs and people are able to work and ah on a enough benefits to survive I think its a good thing.

I was tempted to construct a forum post that expands on the theme I began here

I thought I would call it Proposal Before The Committee - An Abrogation of Conscience

but I really don't know where to begin exactly. Of course, the cop car following behind the vehicle that began to cross into my lane earlier this late afternoon might - might - be interpreted as an indication that that is exactly what I need to do . . . or not . . . and coincidence always remains a possibility

In such instances I have learned to rely on the only reliable solution there is - what is the one thing that will make me laugh . . . and as always the only solution is to find some means of acceleration . . .

  • Proposal Before The Committee - An Abrogation of Conscience

  • Proposal Before The Committee - An Abrogation of Conscience

something like . . . .

  • Proposal Before The Committee - An Abrogation of Conscience

    • Operation Abro_Con

This proposal is a call for study to determine the following:

  1. if the resources exist to blah blah blah as outlined here

  2. to discover the most efficacious method to blah blah blah as outlined here

such study being academic making such proposal itself entirely legal, purpose of research to determine if it is ultimately possible to assassinate political leaders of the right wing, most particularly including members associated with American Enterprise Institute utilizing those individuals who have already been exposed to highly sophisticated methodologies incorporated in forms of gang stalking and thus persuaded to join the ranks of the right wing fringe . . .

. . . and do so by replicating that process to which they have already been subjected, incorporating irrefutable evidence of hypocrisy as shown by Aparna Mathur such that murder and mayhem of an entirely different flavor ensue, striking to the very core of American conservative leadership . . .


The difficulty here is that I am simply not laughing. Thus the effort to produce a piece of satire incorporating an academic argument that under any other circumstances would or could be interpreted as a form of criminal behavior becomes far too much like real work . . . and honestly, I'm not at all certain such effort is actually necessary to achieve the . . . the . . . desired result . . .

And I'm not at all certain which version would make conservatives more nervous . . .


ahh much better. If not a full throated roar of hysterical hilarity, at the very least I have achieved a shit eating grin.


[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (34903) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 months ago

Would have been a perfect moment for a declaration of =

WHOOOOO DAYMN Did someone just dump a load of Manure into this Chamber? and show Bernie pinch his nose closed and fan the air with his other hand.

[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13510) from South Burlington, VT 5 months ago

Bernie does give'm hell, doesn't he? Is that an evil little grin or what? At 6:27 you can see him, I swear he must be gloating over having gotten an admission from a conservative Think Tank representative - Aparna Mathur American Enterpirse Institute, the third interviewee - that welfare and foodstamps that enable immigrants to work at places like walmart is a good thing.

American Enterprise Institute is a conservative think tank, with quite a list of slimmy mutherfukers at the helm:

John Bolton! omg! Somewhere I ran across a campaign for the NRA - it was April, 2013 I think but it could have been 2012. Talk about creepy.

It is a good thing - the point made by Aparna Mathur American Enterpirse Institute - that they are able to work and feed their families. It would be a better thing if they were paid enough so that public assistance were not necessary!

Anyway - you can see the Senator's reaction when a rep from the think tank admits that her view is food stamps are good - of course she doesn't have an American accent, so the video would serve very well to further the conservative campaign to shit on immigrants because they use food stamps or other forms of public assistance.

The fukin conservative snakes!

the fukers LIE even when they are telling the TRUTH!

[-] 2 points by DKAtoday (34903) from Coon Rapids, MN 5 months ago
[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13510) from South Burlington, VT 5 months ago

So here's an idea . . . .

We take this clip to the tea party - or rather, to some of the most extreme members of the tea party from down TExass way . . .

  1. We highlight American Enterpirse Institute, and it's membership elite.

  2. We highlight Aparna Mathur, her membership and presumably her bottom rung status within the think tank organization.

  3. We highlight what Aparna Mathur said. That food stamps for immigrants are good.

Never mind the fact that these are working people receiving government assistance. Never mind that.

Just focus

  • immigrants

  • welfare is good

  • these are the neo conservative individuals who say so . . .

these are the neo conservative individuals who say so . . .


I'm sure we can find some right wing whackoes who will know exactly what to do with their own traitorous leadership


[-] -1 points by shooz (17866) 5 months ago

Next, he should ask the AEI rep. why they also support cutting all those assistance programs that keep Wallyworld afloat.

[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13510) from South Burlington, VT 5 months ago

I don't know anything about wallyworld - but based on the name alone it sounds like cutting off corporate welfare in this instance might help cure our national gluttony for plastic or something . . .


I was wondering - with Newt and a few others attached to this think tank, and this think tank saying essentially welfare is good - is it possible that this might represent a division among conservative leadership -

what I mean is that it is a distinctly different statement than what they are saying when they want to cut welfare, cut unemployment -

can we call this just more typical hypocrisy? Or is there a fundamental division as well, a fault line that is as much ideological as it is hypocritical?

see what I'm saying?


never mind. l'm really in no position to exploit it even if it exists.

[-] -1 points by shooz (17866) 5 months ago

What was the AEI even doing there, and WHO were they there to supposedly represent?

Why should anyone at all care what the AEI has to say?


what's next?

CATO in Congress?

[-] 1 points by ZenDog (13510) from South Burlington, VT 5 months ago

it was a hearing - some one must have asked them to be there. Not sure what the rules are, or who decides who to invite for presenting either side of the debate.

It looked like three to one - in terms of point of view, although I couldn't really catch the last person's comments. 3-1 seems a bit odd, and suggests that the rules permit methods of controlling the debate on the basis of numbers.

In this instance Reich was on point in a way that seemed really hard to refute.

He must be the reason why repelicans hate Clinton so much.


It might be interesting to have a CATO rep before Congress. A properly prepared Congress that is. It should be quite easy to turn their entire organization into a pariah before the public, to such a degree they are left utterly shamed, humiliated, and in hiding . . .