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Forum Post: Anonymous 2013

Posted 5 years ago on Feb. 9, 2013, 3:49 p.m. EST by Anon2013 (0)
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/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// for IMMEDIATE RELEASE - ALL ANON AGENTS AND FORCES - for IMMEDIATE RELEASE /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// *ANONYMOUS 2013 - INTELLIGENCE STRATEGIC FREEDOM COMMAND DIRECTIVES* /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CLASS WAR = CYBER WAR = INFORMATION WAR ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

# Anonymous Message: #Anonymous_2013 #

# Hello Citizens of the world; we are Anonymous.
# Dear brothers and sisters, 2012 has been a great year of revelations. # We have exposed many lies and successfully raised awareness of citizens of earth on a global scale. We have revealed to citizens the level of corruption on our beautiful planet. We have shown the population the private agenda of profit. We have learned about true evil as governments, corporations, bankers, law enforcement operate without ethics. We identified the outright disregard for civil liberties, human rights and constitutional freedoms being blatantly imposed by the 1%. We have identified propaganda and lies in the media.

# HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 2013 will be another epic year !!! Erika!!! # !!! Anonymous 2013 - TAKE BACK THE PLANET ACTION PLAN - STAGE II - Anonymous 2013 !!! # THE ANONYMOUS MANIFESTO #

# ::Anonymous Central Command Assessment:: First adversary mistake was defining civilization on terms of profit... ...profit is now a strategic weak point that can be exploited... Second adversary mistake is attempts to censor and surveil our internets... ...encryption and cryptography can now be used to free the planet... Third adversary mistake was government excluding the 99% over the 1%... ...the elite are out-numbered and consumers have all the power... Fourth adversary mistake was the complete lack of ethics... ...the lack of ethics in a corp or gov will now determine it's future... Fifth adversary mistake was your unwarranted violence at occupy... ...now everyone knows your intention to discard law and create a police state... Sixth adversary mistake was the lies the media told about occupy... ...now we know the media is a tool of propaganda, miss-information and psyops... Seventh adversary mistake was the exclusion of the masses... ...the genius, creativity and passion of the 99% well exceeds the 1%... Eighth adversary mistake was not expecting us... ...expect us... ::Anonymous Central Command Assessment:: #

# We knew profit would want to take the internets... We knew this day was coming since the first transmission at DARPA... We knew... and we were ready... We are encryption. We are TYLER. We are the Voice of the Global People. We are the International Alliance of Freedom Fighting Hackers. # We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. #

... rest of plan... http://www.pastedb.com/htuWduQy



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