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Forum Post: An Occupy Project Proposal

Posted 4 years ago on Nov. 21, 2013, 2:24 a.m. EST by hellino (0) from Morioka, Iwate Prefecture
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I want to propose a project called Occupy Island

I want many occupiers to get together and buy an island so we can start our own city. I don't want it to be a small commune. I want it to be really big. A minimum of 20,000. Islands are fun because they are like small countries. We could use anarchy to architect our city from the ground up.

Some islands are pretty cheap. We could probably start a pledge on Kickstarter and get enough money to buy an island. We could then form a comity on the Internet where we could share ideas and start plans for our city. We would start by building a small camp to live in while we work. Then, we could rotate the personal while we start building the city. A bunch of people could go work for 2 weeks, then another group, etc... Once the city is big enough, then we can inhabit the place full time. The goal would be to create jobs on the island so that we are self-sufficient.

Any ideas, comments, criticism, ???



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