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Forum Post: A Case **Against**Capitalism

Posted 8 months ago on April 8, 2014, 6:29 p.m. EST by elf3 (3102)
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Let's take away the self satisfying grandiosity posed by go fry your ass man mises... Let us present A Case Against Capitalism - Occupiers your thoughts are well presented, and you've actually tried to make it under Wall Street's version of Capitalism unlike so many of the lucky (or unlucky as I view it) sperm club because they will never know that true wealth is a life lived discovering that systems created by power elites don't represent the depth and breadth of humanity that we have seen... the part that lives in the 99 percent of us who use our feelings and conscience ... their numbers are data and spread sheet and speculation - they have never put it to real world application, they've never looked into the world and truly seen what we do... they only see self satisfying grandiosity, hedged bets, and odds, and stacked decks.... so fellow Occupiers: we've been presented a gift, a gift they may never ever discover, the gift of understanding impermanence and giving. Giving doesn't come from a check book it comes from living and struggling against life - understanding that at the end of the day when we go to meet our maker - all we have ALL we have is what we've learned in this world, and while we are here, ALL we have is our Humanity and our gift: is that we are willing to fight for it and save it for future generations!



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[-] 3 points by elf3 (3102) 8 months ago

let's call it what it is ....WEALTH DENIERS ... left / right ... they just want to keep it at any cost - they don't want to go to work for someone else, and be downsized, talked down to, or screwed out of what they should be able to earn or a decent way of life where rent costs 80 percent of their pay. They want what they have because it enables them not to have to live in this suckhole system that benefits only one percent of the population. They don't want to be down here with us - are you kidding - they know better. That's why they are gripping onto it with every ounce of sweat people who have never had to sweat for more than five seconds can muster. Money talks - bullshit walks ... and the rest of us can be convinced we are unworthy of escaping the drudge? Are we unworthy Occupy ? Are people with stacked decks really so much smarter than all of us put together? I think not... we just don't have any power because they took our voice, they bought our courts, and they stole our democracy - are we crazy ??? Or is it time to go after them?


[-] 3 points by elf3 (3102) 8 months ago

you think the power elites are just conservatives? My only hope for Obama is that when he is done with office he blows the whistle on this whole shebang ...because otherwise the person I voted for has deeply betrayed everything I believe in. Take a look at Congress Zen Dog ...awww do you still think they are making decisions for you? It's a wrestling match - all for show because in the end they all go where the money is ...they all go with multi-national corporate conglomerate monopolies ... the know who butters the bread of their fancy lives - their lives lived in mansions and driving around in cars with emblems and private getaway pads where they can escape the rest of humanity when they feel like it (you know us "regular folks" that they loathe so much) - how about their pensions, how about their health insurance, how about their bwhaa haa haa I can't even say it wait a minute wait a minut bwaah haaa ok ok ... I'm trying bhaae hee hee he - over bwaah haaa over - give me a minute...ahhh hhhh ... overtime (yeah) how many days do they actually spend working per year? Not counting their lobbying getaways and lunches...


[-] 0 points by JGriff99mph (507) 8 months ago

"Its a big club, and you ain't in it" -Carlin

George was ahead of his time. Occupy set the bar even higher.

[-] 0 points by ApexPredator (9) 8 months ago

A Case Against Humanity: I should be congratulated. I see it a long time. 53. This is not personal. You go to the stock market. You get some shares... It takes a long time to develop. I am listening to some U2. Christianity is dead. So, I try again. Taken away by the Roman Catholic Church. Which... I don't know which. We jump to secession in Spain. It did not work. We jump again... We are trying to break the Catholic Church. This does not take belief. So, we look at Capitalism. Greed. And cheered. And we think to ourselves of the benefits, because we do not want to greet it.

(That is their argument.)

My argument. We are all out for greed. We go into a trap. We greet it. There is only protest to is. Oracle.

A message, is ongoing. It stops. It comes out of the rocks. Pliny.

Okay, capitalism. It is used to instigate the rich. The rich, keep on getting rich. So, they see out of one eye. They keep on getting rich. And their rich verse fits... I look to GOD. And I go Oracle... We go down to Mexico. The poor are left to starve. I go to direct action. It is starting in Spain. Where it left off.

So, we understand. Just listening to music...

So we go primeval. Dinosaurs. Why would we be interested in the beginning of time. We try to go primordial. Okay. I think of words. You do not utter them. Your argument is basically this. Why do you build on the back of others?

And you will have all the trouble that you want. Keep to it. Menistrum...

[-] 2 points by elf3 (3102) 8 months ago

no there Apex you are wrong... we created Democracy - and it is ours if we can keep it. Democracy that embraces all people, all beliefs, and a chance at upward mobility, a chance to explore individuality within communities that embrace those differences and build upon them. We created pooled taxes to keep others from starving on the street, and to live decently. We created a system where dreams could build upon each other and carry us to new heights of civilization. Wall Street is playing God - the almighty dollar has replaced her. It has replaced mother nature, it has replaced democracy, and it has replaced our hopes and dreams for living truly living in this life... here and now. Because all we really want is a better world - one where the best of who we are isn't drowned and taken while we are serving a piece of paper.

[-] -2 points by JGriff99mph (507) 8 months ago

The way I see it, until two aspects are completely reversed and dealt with, it doesnt matter what economic system is set up, they will all end up the same:

Decentralization. Until the power to govern communities is return to those said communities, this thing will continue to be a black hole of power, sucking up everything in its path.

Participation. Until the people make a conscious decision and realize that participating in the community is not a choice, it is a duty as a free person, we will continue to lose it all.

It would be nice if the talking heads removed themselves from existence as well, but they have a right to say what they want like everyone else.

[-] 3 points by elf3 (3102) 8 months ago

I see it as a fight for the individual over systems of control and subordination...why do people want to subordinate and diminish other human beings...? Many reasons I'm sure but getting others to labor on your behalf without having to share the spoils must be the main one...all those systems whether communism or corporate oligarchy are bad for the individual and seek to destroy independent thought in favor of consolidated power systems...at least bureaucracy spreads some of that power out though the argument could be made there are more arms for control I guess it depends who is sitting behind the controls...a humanitarian or a lazy greeditarian wealthaucrat drunk on power and self satisfaction?