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Forum Post: A $1,000.00 Reward... for leading authorities to the conviction of Heroin trafficers inside the USA

Posted 3 years ago on July 15, 2014, 2:33 p.m. EST by jamespeterevanhoe ()
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......................The Kevin A. Petersen Fund & Reward...............................

A reward will be paid to Individuals who locate Heroin Smugglers, then notify local and federal authorities, at the same time, which then leads to the arrest and conviction of the Heroin Smugglers-Traffickers. Rewards will begin this Christmas-Holiday Season. So get started!

Heroin has killed more citizens of the United States inside the USA then the Terrorists did on 911, in both Iraq Wars and in the Afghan War combined. Heroin Traffickers are the real Terrorists. We are looking specifically for Afghanistan & Mexico Smugglers-Traffickers. They usually operate into Oregon, Vermont, cities such as Las Vegas, to even smaller cities such as Hailey, Idaho- and the Sun Valley Airport.
But any town or city is a real possibility. If you know your local authorities are corrupt then just contact the DEA. What is typical: Where there is a large amount of private plane activity, or a very low-key approach to regulation......just be aware.....it isn't rocket science!

Watch your local private prop and jet plane activities. You can use an app called FlightAware, where by you put in the tail numbers and or letters and it will provide that plane's flight plan. See: FlightAware.com for details. If you see on flightaware that the owner of the plane has requested not to give the flight plan....then just keep track of the plane coming and going from the field. They will show the flight plan eventually. Watch the vehicles and individuals who contact the plane before it lifts off and when it returns. Keep track of the plane's use of a hangar, how many individuals board the plane before the engines are on and who boards the plane last. If possible take down the license number of each vehicle. You can do all of this without coming too close by using good "binoculars". Write down a short description of each individual you see.

This project will save people's lives in your community, in your neighborhood, in your family and possibly one of your good friends.
Heroin has reached Crisis proportion inside the USA. Thousands are being killed. Remember most individuals have "No Idea" what their getting into when the Pusher starts giving them at first then selling them and injecting them with Heroin......they absolutely have "No Idea".

IF your retired or have a little extra time each week..."Why Not Help the USA by putting away Afghan and Mexican drug smugglers!"....."Save Lives"

Neighborhood Heroin Watch:

Heroin Smugglers-Dealers .... using vehicles.... When they enter your neighborhood or local area take note of the make, model and license number of the vehicle. Watch to see how many individuals exit the vehicle and write down a simple description of each smuggler. You will have to keep a mental note of their activities around you. The time of day or night, how many times in a month you see this type of activity. Most heroin smugglers are over time sloppy and will be easy to note if your paying attention to who belongs where and why.

General Notes: Watch to see the unloading of planes and or vehicles. The packaging will usually be all the same size. Once in a while you will see an array of guns, rifles, semi-automatic, military and even illegal automatic weapons, being unloaded from either the plane or vehicle, then kept in the area at a warehouse that is used to breakdown the load into smaller packages. You will see this activity only several times a month. The warehouse will remain unused for the most part, unless they have a business front, meaning an operating business to cover their activity.

You will eventually see the Money Person....the Money Plane or Vehicle, seen usually only once or twice a month for sure, making contact either to pay the smugglers...or to pick up Money, usually 4 individuals will be in a loose formation of sorts around the plane or vehicle.

Again.....best to observe using binoculars and sit in the back seat of your vehicle. Best to have the back and passenger rear windows tinted.

With all illegal drugs especially Heroin you will eventually find the bank where they do their deposits. Usually at least one or two of the smugglers or individuals in their criminal team will have regular jobs. But over all the money they spend cant be tracked back to a real job. They will have to hid their money. Also there is usually one or more who are showboats....smugglers and or individuals in their criminal team that shows the money but usually do not have a real job. Watch for this you will see it.

We are establishing the Kevin A. Petersen Fund & Reward in order to stop the death of individuals all across this Country, from every economic level, many with great ability to achieve, but are brought down and killed by Heroin.

.....Leading Someone to their Death....via...Heroin...is Manslaughter......... Work to make sure your Community prosecutes every pusher of Heroin that kills .....Prosecute for Manslaughter....wrongful death! Pushers-Dealers can be junkies and junkies can look like Nick & Julie Shunk of Petaluma, Sonoma County, California......average, middle class of sorts, usually unemployed, trying to be your best friend or so you may think. In actuality they will kill you as they did Kevin A. Petersen in Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, California on June 3rd, 2014. Protect yourself and your friends!

Let's Work Together and prosecute Heroin...coming from Afghanistan and Mexico.

Also support and take part in the March on Washington DC this September.............. See by googling: Fedup Rally ..... ........................................at: www.feduprally.org

And take a good look at the Kennedy Forum, .......................................at www.thekennedyforum.org, they have very good insight into individuals who get trapped into drugs - prescribed or illegal and have physical and or mental health issues.

Again most who get shot up with Heroin start out not knowing what their getting themselves into.....How Ever the Heroin Smugglers - Traffickers - Pushers - absolutely do.....in truth there killers living every day in Our Society........and every day they are working at expanding their customer base...are you or your friends next!

            March with US on Washington DC this September...www.feduprally.org!
               Contact US via:   stopthekillingbyheroin@gmail.com

....................................James Peter Evanhoe.................



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[-] 1 points by MattHolck0 (3867) 3 years ago

in california,

if you're labor is valued less than a standard norm

less the minimum wages may be offered

[-] 1 points by DKAtoday (33491) from Coon Rapids, MN 3 years ago

That 1000.00 come with witness relocation/protection? How about a million plus witness protection/relocation - the drug war seizes bales and bales of cash doesn't it?