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We are the 99 percent


We love and 100% support what Occupy Wall St is doing. We also love the fact that this movement is NOT labelled and has NOT been highjacked by the left, right or any one group. We all represent the great United States of America and we are FOR democracy and FOR human rights & decency and FOR Main Street communities and FOR individual liberties and FOR honest capitalism--and NOT for corporatism & paid lobbyists & corporations funding/buying our elections that we have today.

America can and will thrive again when we stand up and demand that our fundamental rights are restored, that those responsible for our global economic crisis are held fully accountable for their reckless and fraudulent behavior, and when, together, we hold true and honor the US Constitution, our neighbors and ourselves by simply doing what is right and long overdue. Occupy Wall St. movement is clearly helping to lead us together towards a much better & brighter future. Embrace that reality and get involved and let your voice be heard.

Our story: 50+ year old couple, Married 25 yrs., with family four boys (two in college), registered Republican (although definitely NOT happy with current party & their positions on issues), fell behind on our mortgage (never late before then in 20+ years) when one of our boys was diagnosed w/ cancer in 2008; and resulting combination of high medical bills and significant decline in revenue & income from our small business. Tried to have mortgage modified multiple times throughout the process, yet always got the runaround from mortgage servicer. Paid over $50k+ to servicer in two 6-month temporary workouts but always ended being denied permanent modification after we made every payment on time as promised--and then servicer also does not properly account for or credit the money we paid them. Servicer fraudulently tried to foreclose on our home--repeatedly throughout the process. We then had to sue the mortgage servicer, MERS & law firm representing them--case is pending to be heard.

We must hold the large financial institutions accountable for their past & ongoing fraud and outright criminal activities against the citizens of America (and around the world). By UCC law, if a mortgage debt has been securitized (mortgage backed security CDO) then the underlying debt obligation becomes UNSECURED and therefore cannot be foreclosed! Yet large banks & their servicers have & continue to throw 100's of thousands of families out on the street (and sadly most large media outlets parrot the banks PR that there were only 'paperwork issues'--WRONG: there was and is FRAUD being perpetrated by some of our largest financial institutions in our courts and against American Citizens!). Stop wrongful foreclosures--and certainly that includes any mortgages that were securitized by overly greedy and overly leveraged financial institutions. When foreclosures are stopped and when we take away the banks & servicers wrongful ability to foreclose if & when they sold off and securitized their mortgage portfolios; only then will the US economy and the real estate markets stabilize and start to grow.

We are anonymous and we will not go away and will not stop until these fundamental wrongs are righted!

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