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We are the 99 percent


"A blindfold will remain over the eyes of Justice as long as the banker has the cut, shuffle, and deal."

I'm sure I'm mangling the quote, but Big Bill Haywood famously said those words.

"I have no country to fight for. My country is earth and I am a citizen of the world."

Eugene Victor Debs gave us those words.

I wish I could stand next to you. I wish I could speak with you. I can only give you my words. You are doing the right thing!

Some of the media say you are but a few hundred aimless youth, others say you are a few thousand. Almost all attempt to discredit you or not mention you at all.

Prosecute Wall Street criminals. Borrow an immense amount of the military budget to pay for bread, bricks, and books for every man, woman and child. Destroy the Fed. End corporate person-hood. Make it a federal law to tell the truth in the media (either verify with facts, sources, etc., or do not print/air it). Force local television stations to cover what's actually going on. Teach young people how to get involved in local politics. Above all, fight apathy wherever you find it in your peers.

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