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We are the 99 percent


The Occupy Post Realization Movement is a songwriters group whose mission is to expose the growing inequality of the middle class brought on by the Corporatocracy ideals of the 1%.

We invite all singer-songwriters from across the globe to participate by uploading your protest music, podcast, poem, etc. to our moderated group. (Do not submit the same song/material more then once please.) If your contribution is accepted for our playlist, it will appear in our feed for you to share with our community.

Visit and share your songs on our Facebook wall here: http://www.facebook.com/protestthis

Special thanks to Headcount.org for featuring our group on their website: http://www.headcount.org/occupy-wall-stre…rotest-song-page

And to Pete Seeger's biographer, David Dunaway for featuring, "Wall Street" on the Remembering Pete Seeger website. www.rememberingpeteseeger.org/?p=341

Peace in Solidarity,

Scot Sier

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