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We are the 99 percent


We are not free. We are not safe.

I grew up in a world of nearly constant warfare. My parents lived paycheck to paycheck when I was growing up after fighting to get my dad through school. My grandmother, aged 70, still struggles to find any job she can to afford food and meds, not to mention the enormous amount of money she owes the government.

I am not even 20 and the future seems bleak. I will graduate over $90,000 in debt with no promise of a job, no medical or life insurance, and no promise of Social Security in old age.

We are discriminatory, ignorant, and waste every resource we have.

What happened to the principles this country was founded on? Where is the country my grandfathers fought in Korea for? The country of boundless opportunity and freedom that was shoved down our throats K-12?

I can’t let Jon Stuart be angry for me anymore. We are becoming a generation of revolution, let’s get this done.

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