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We are the 99 percent


I am a professional in the field of mental health. There are no words to explain how the absence of decenting jobs in Texas has affected my family. I remember when I could at least keep my family above ground if my husband loss his job or had a medical emergency. Now we are drowning and we are not alone. I have been wrecking my brain, to find a way to join the efforts at Wall Street. My husband and son-in-law have been unemployed for over a year. My retired mother is on a fixed income and is economically sufficating . The right to vote is in real-time being strangled. One cannot be considered a viable candidate for employment because they are unemployed. It's like a big rope is being placed around the necks of 99% of this country. The rope is being held by not all but definately some of the 1% and they are pulling-hard. People say that Occupy Wall Street doesn't have demands. I disagree, I think they are saying its time to loosen the ropes. It's time to draw a clear line in the sand.

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