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This is what the we have been working on:

My research tells me that Nazism continues to pose the #1 threat to humanity. The threat of Nazism has been a growing menace to the global society since its earliest suspected roots (predating the US Declaration of Independence). Since then we defeated German expansionism in WWI and later Hitler in WWII, but we clearly did not destroy Nazism, the Nazi party, or their determination to conquer the world and exterminate billions of innocent people. Newly declassified government documents have established the unlawful infiltration of extreme security threats by tens and hundreds of thousands of Nazi war criminals into the most critical areas effecting US National Security: the OSS (later became the CIA), NASA, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and other government agencies, almost every major company in the defense industry (Lockheed Martin, TRW, Boeing, Raytheon, etc), and acquisition of key multinational corporations. Once you lose space, you lose everything. The US space program was established and directed by hundreds of Hitler's men.

These war criminals escaped prosecution and punishment and were smuggled out of Germany by the OSS, given fake identification and fake backgrounds that expunged their Nazi affiliations, which was all against President Truman's orders. This secret program was illegally conducted by the OSS/CIA/Pentagon domestically under the code name Project Paperclip or Operation Paperclip, and globally through Operation Gladio, with the official aim of acquiring advanced Nazi weapons programs (like V-2 rocketry which became our Saturn V program, the atomic bomb which became the Manhattan Project, and advanced space vehicles which are still highly classified), denying the same benefit to the Soviet threat, and maintaining stay behind forces to combat future Soviet expansion.

Unfortunately, this infiltration has gone on for decades unchecked keeping our elected officials and the American people out of the loop and there is no ability, so far, to be able to assess the extent of damage that has been caused. We can only understand indirectly, through the symptoms, by assessing the quality of US domestic and foreign policy and legislation. All of these have been increasingly hated by both Americans and people all over the world for our government's "Nazi-like" behavior since the end of WWII. Behavior like supporting right-wing fascist dictators worldwide (since when do American's do that?), torturing prisoners of war (not our program), eroding civil liberties (we die for those), drug smuggling (we invented prohibition), and the list goes on and on.

It seems quite possible that America won the ground battle with Hitler, but ultimately lost the war by losing control over our own government, intelligence and military-industrial complex through the Nazi infiltration of American power structure and subsequent counterintelligence consolidation of power. It was reported in the Washington Post that President Obama's candidate for US Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, told him “We are at a time where there is a new world order. We don’t control it. You must question everything, every assumption, everything they” — the military and diplomats — “tell you. Any assumption 10 years old is out of date. You need to question our role. You need to question the military. You need to question what are we using the military for." http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/bob-woodward-why-obama-picked-hagel-for-defense-secretary/2013/01/27/b87eb8ce-68ae-11e2-af53-7b2b2a7510a8_story.html

Like this, when we scratch the surface we find many alarming indicators that, in fact, the power of the of the American government, intelligence, military, etc has been hijacked and is no longer under the control of the American people, or even an American President that is not a member of the usurper's party (the "New World Order", according to Hagel). Americans do not torture people, that is what Nazis do. In fact, the Bush Administration (both), the Clinton Administration, and key elements of the Obama Administration have direct documented links to Nazis, Hitler and the Nazi war criminals who infiltrated the United States. For now, I will excuse Obama individually as one of them, but not as one of their newly made puppets. He is clearly capitulating to their agenda by keeping Gitmo open, remaining in Afghanistan, not prosecuting the CIA for torture, disarming the American people (federal gun control), extra-judicial killings of US citizens, and in other ways working against the interests of the American people and the US Constitution. He has sold out under extreme pressure.

When we did our own analysis (before finding the Hagel comment), we had to conclude that the US intelligence, military, executive branch and bureaucracy in different departments is showing an increase in right wing fundamentalism, consolidation of power towards totalitarianism, and other signs symptomatic of Nazi ideology, policy, methodologies and tactics especially since the Bushs came to power. For example, the erosion of civil liberties, introduction of torture, police checkpoints (TSA), assassination of US citizens by the government, extra-judicial killings, unwarranted searches and seizures at border crossings, preemptive warfare (Iraq) on false fabricate intelligence, deception of the government, government violation of national and international laws and treaties, spying on US citizens, excessive use of executive orders, manipulation (possible false flag terror attacks against US citizens) to enact draconian legislation (Patriot Act), restrictions on free speech, federal gun controls and bans, classification of social activism as acts of domestic terrorism, assaults (battery, pepper-spray, etc) against non-violent unarmed public protesters, and so on. This is an exact blueprint for how Hitler came to power.

Perhaps the most concerning is the issue of the regular mass application of toxic nanoized aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, barium carbonate, barium oxide, strontium titanate, and strontium oxide throughout the United States (and NATO countries) on the pretext of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (weather control for environmental defense and military offense). Actually, there is no pretext. It is simply being done secretly without official comment, which has given rise to the growing anti-chemtrail controversy and movement. Geoengineering is merely a speculation by those researching the cause. According to my research, spraying deadly heavy metals over the population of the United States and NATO countries by the NWO is more likely for the purpose of revenge in the form of false flag democide than anything else. In other words, they are making it look like the US govt is secretly killing its own people, when it is actually Nazis hiding within the govt preparing for the Fourth Reich. With NATO out of the way, who is there to stop it?

The oldest adage known in treachery is, "Slow poisoning is the most effective". The nanoized aluminum will remain in the stratosphere for approximately 2 years once spraying ceases. It has a half life of a few decades. In other words, by reducing food production and increasing sterility, you can wage the most effective extermination campaign against the largest number of people, and after it is complete, you can return to occupy the land and take over food production with zero structural damage and zero long term toxicity once the heavy metals break down. The perfect cover story and justification is climate change. You arrange a nobel peace prize for Al Gore and it is fool proof. His college professor who alerted him to gloal warming in the Inconvenient Truth movie may be one of the Paperclip Nazis. Time for a background check. If he or his parents immigrated to the US after WWII, then we have more smoke.

By attacking the OECD NATO nations you check the majority of global resource consumption. Those who don't die from pulmonary inflammation, will die from starvation, and those who don't die won't be able to reproduce after a generation. In either way, you clear the land for Nazi occupation (avoiding the mess of bullets and ovens) and set the stage for an easy conquest. Ingenious Nazi German engineering for extermination, good old American geoengineering for weather control, or both? I am afraid it could seriously be both. Remember, over 50,000 Nazis escaped Germany after WWII and set up around the world preparing for the Fourth Reich. They never stopped and they have been quietly working on weaponizing space for victory in WWIII. The same European fools (Prince Charles, Rockefellers, and company) are being manipulated and befooled again. History repeats. Now instead of Hitler dropping V-2 rockets on London, the Nazis have manipulated it to have them drop nanoized aluminum oxide on their own people's heads. Better than the hydrogen or nuetron bomb. Clean, shorter half life, less toxic long term and a more environmentally sustainable form of warfare with zero resistance. People and crops slowly die off and the remaining ones get Alzheimers, are born with autism, and finally can't reproduce.

Even if nanoised heavy metal aerosol spraying is being done covertly by "responsible" government actors for the "benign" purpose of weather control for military defense/offense, it remains no less deadly to living organisms on the ground or in the air, in the final analysis, and must be stopped immediately. Thousands of birds have been found dead, who have just dropped out of the sky. In all likelihood they were victims of heavy metal aerosol spraying (copper or zinc are the most toxic element tested so far). Birds are typically more sensitive to poisons that affect humans (so we bring canaries along into coal mines to detect deadly gases).

Global warming is caused by the spraying, as well, and the rise in global temperatures directly correlates with the rise in global chemtrails. Clinton-Gore are directly linked to the Nazi NWO group through the Hitler fans like Rockefellers (Club of Rome, CFR, TLC, OSB, etc). The whole global warming movement is likely a hoax and cover for the spraying operation. What is the solution? "More spraying to reflect the sun." The fact is that the spraying reflects sun in the day, and traps heat at night, resulting in a net increase in heat. If I know that, why don't they? They certainly do and the spraying goes on, unchecked.

Whoever is doing it, the conclusion is that it needs to be checked. Citizen's might need to finally take down one of these unknown, unmarked, UFOs in self defense for violating our airspace with a deadly chemical attack as a homeland security initiative, or maybe the local sheriff can knock one down? We are clearly under attack. There is no official ownership of these planes or spraying programs. Everyone denies it. Maybe it is a foreign government or terrorist group attacking the US? Once you knock one out of the sky, you can find out who is behind it. I believe the guys at geoengineeringwatch.org documented the fact that it is a deadly chemical attack. The second amendment should protect any citizen (or sheriff) for acting in self-defense under threat of a regular aerial chemical attack. You need to make an appeal to our veterans, sheriffs and everyone else to defend America from these UFO deadly chemical attacks. I guarantee the responsible party will step forward within 24 hours to claim it is their legal jurisdiction to be spraying deadly chemicals on us. Call the bluff and expose them.

I trust there has to be veterans out there that have the shoulder-mounted means to take one down. Once one goes down, the other UFO pilots are going to think 100 times before going V1. Let it go to court, and see who claims ownership of the UFO. Someone will be screaming holy murder, and if they don't, then knock down some more until it stops! That will crack the story wide open, and then we can move Congress to shut it down, or throw them out of office. "All enemies foreign and domestic." Anyone who is spraying deadly substances on my head is a definition of an enemy, no matter who pays his paycheck. I do not consent to being killed slowly or quickly. Don't tread, or you're dead.

The NWO holds the smoking gun on this with their documented (Youtube video) elitist world view leaked by Prince Philip who said, "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation." He basically wants us all to be killed, leaving him and his family standing. This same view is held by his son, Prince Charles, and those he leads at oneworld.net, which are about 200 companies holding 25%+ of the world's wealth, and his personal control of the majority of shares of Archer Daniels Midland (ADM - "Supermarket to the World") who controls over 75% of the world grain supply. ADM was founded by a Nazi linked to the Order of Skull and Bones at Yale, which is the same Nazi link to the Bushes, Kerry, Clintons, and Rockefellers. Who needs a deadly virus, when you have deadly nanoized aluminum oxide, barium and strontium? These same elites have done it before and they are going to do it again. America was formed to combat such people and this same type of thinking.

Democide has killed over 300 million people (thanks in large part to the Nazis). We need to reverse these trends and bring democide down to as near zero as we can humanly manage by empowering civilian populations with the information needed to take responsibility to monitor and prevent such unnecessary atrocities. The most undeveloped branch of the government is the civilian branch, which has become fat and lazy and thus subject to be acted upon (exploited, abused and exterminated) rather than become a formidable actor in matters of state. Normally, extraordinary measures would not be required, but when you have the legacy of over 100,000 Nazi infiltrators to contend with, who are determined to unleash the lethal power of our own military against us, such unusual measures become a matter of life or death.

One way or another, we have to stop this spraying, or it will be the end of America. The right to bare arms does not exclude anti-aircraft armaments.

V1c Tory

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