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We are the 99 percent


It’s not about left vs. right; it is about the 99% of federal government that does NOT work for 99% of 'The People'.
'Say No to Corporate America' blog has been writing about such things for the past year because the globalist's lies can't hold up against the facts. The facts help a person wake up to the reality of our situation and encourage them to take action. We see OWS as the path to historical change and improvement for People world-wide. The administrators of SNTCA are extremely proud of the people who are building 'Occupy Wall Street' and we support this movement 100%. Like they say, their time has come.

It’s almost laughable when someone asks why people Occupy Wall Street yet they never seem to ask 'Why Prosecutors Don’t Go after Wall Street'… the Justice Department guidelines, "deferred prosecution agreements" have allowed financial companies to avoid indictments if they agree to investigate and report their own crimes. How can they call that Justice?! But hey, this is the same government that continues the temporary emergency freedom-robbing Patriot Act, and where citizens can be held for 'Indefinite detention', the President-of-hope-and-change suggested that also apply to people that have not committed a crime, as in future-crimes (as in 'Minority Report') and insider trading is legal for Congress... (may explain why >200 are millionaires) and SCOTUS, let's just say 'corporate personhood'... but a recent case (Sorrell v. IMS Health Inc.) put the issue of commercial free speech issue back on the table, sorry, they won again (6-3) but this time SCOTUS gave no consideration of patient privacy --- it's no wonder MSM says nothing.

Corruption is rampant and affects us all; loss of Liberty, loss of privacy, wars, jobs, pollution, hunger, homelessness and poverty... the closing of an open society is quite serious!. People may have different reasons for supporting OWS but the problems are connected to the globalists and their lust for power and war on freedom of People everywhere… So, whatever the issue, whatever political ideology... the corruption goes way beyond Wall Street and corrupt lawmakers are in both political parties (Uniparty). We all suffer so that puts us all on the same side. Both sides of Uniparty delivered the traitorous Patriot Act and I don't see the difference it makes in SCOTUS appointments... one from the Right appointed a former Monsanto employee and one from the Left just appointed a former adviser to Goldman Sachs. Yes, CONgress, POTUS or SCOTUS, WE are the 99% that 99% of federal lawmakers are not working for because they represent the 1%. Time for serious anti-uniparty party action but we must first address and solve the problem of rigged elections!

MSM (Main-stream-media or Manipulate-Separate-Masses) is a tool the globalists have long used to hide the truth, to distract and divide the masses so the globalists can further their agenda. MSM is owned by only 6 corporations so don't believe you're hearing the whole truth from the media that is owned by the same globalists that use their power to corrupt (GE owns NBC). The peaceful OCCUPY movement and subsequent police brutality has a lot of people waking up to the reality of the Police State of America and the manipulating media. The truth is ugly but it is critical to know; Knowledge is Power!
Please do your own research, read and share the information/sources throughout our blog… help grow People Power and stop the globalist take-over and war on People everywhere. Peace

It's not just about Wall Street thugs…Big-brother is here and America is closing!
"GIVE ME LIBERTY!!!" http://saynotocorporateamerica.blogspot.com/2011/11/give-me-liberty.html
'The War on People is a War on You' - http://saynotocorporateamerica.blogspot.com/2011/11/war-on-people-is-war-on-you.html

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