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We are the 99 percent


The Modern Nationalist website is a multicultural site aimed at uniting the Global Nationalist Movement. It is only by getting all Nationalist from around the world will we be able to fight the onslaught of Corporate Feudalism and the creation of the communist New World Order.

The site in non-nationalist-party specific and is designed to allow leaders, politicians, activist and members to get to know and learn from each others experiences and ideas.

To encourage open debate and free communication among members the site benefits from an open policy where members can speak their minds in any way they feel fit.

Because of this open policy members must be mature enough not to be politically correct and not to take comments offensively or personally.

The site offers many facilities for discussion including the facility to open private groups which is very useful for individual political parties and other groups to discuss sensitive issues that are personal to them.

Other facilities include a fun lottery and a games section where members can meet up and enjoy themselves.

The over riding principle of the site is that it belongs to the members and it will grow in effectiveness and reach through their participation and advice.

On the front page of the site is a graphical representation of what the political definition of Left and Right wing politics is really about. Many people think that Fascism is a right wing doctrine where as in reality it is a far left doctrine. There is also a link to a three hour video that concentrates on and explains the New Word Order.

In the blog section located at http://modern-nationalist.com/groupware/blogs/3 is my vision as a strategist of what is a totally fair democratic political system should be with reasoned argument as to why it is necessary.

Nationalist are not expected to agree with each other on every issue, however, if we are going to face up to and defeat the challenges that are in store for us we do need to unite in a spirit of mutual cooperation.

Please join the site and make best use of its facilities.
Stephan Toth

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