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We are the 99 percent


What we in Oakland must do is tackle at least one of these so-called "anarchists" to the ground, ziptie him up and get his ID. Turn him into the managers of whatever store/bank/institution he is vandalizing.

Is it an OPD agent/plant? Could be. Who knows.

What I DO know is that these guys are generally quite fit, which fits the profile of fresh military/ police. I would be surprised but we do not know until we find out and verify.

NEXT TIME: TACKLE THE ANARCHISTS / VANDALS. Hold them down via citizen's arrest. They are ruining things.

Either (A) "actually" anarchists who like to fuck shit up selfishly, adolescently
(B) anti-OWS plant of establishment, whatever that is

In either case, two legs bad. Enough is enough!!!

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