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We are the 99 percent


My definition of winning is to create peace. Destroying a person or a group or a regime or an entire nation-state is relatively easy. Making peace is hard. Creating lasting peace is harder. Getting a violent and repressive person or group or regime or nation-state to buy into peace and non-repression is impossible at the end of a gun. Better to let them enlighten themselves and contain the damage by not allowing them to expand their size than to attempt to use externally imposed violence and destruction to end their existence. Better to expose the bankrupt morality that allows the depraved to exist to all rational beings and let those depraved individuals or groups or regimes or nation-states to reap the whirlwind of what they have sown than to attempt to re-educate with violence. Only change that comes from within through enlightenment can effect lasting change. Only through education will enlightenment ensue. So the best way to achieve peace is to educate. This does not mean that if you are bullied or if you see someone else being bullied that you stand back - no, you stand up for them and you give them sanctuary and respite but to enact aggression against the perpetrator may temporarily stop the violence but it will not end the violence and it will not change minds. Understand that those who use violence to control others are themselves unenlightened but don't expect them change. Only help to enact change with those who are READY to change because it cannot be imposed from without.

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