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Forum Post: Westhill & Elrick Consulting - Westhill Walkers Sunday 12th January

Posted 1 year ago on Jan. 18, 2014, 3:54 a.m. EST by marionclam (0)
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Udny Station – Newmachar – Tillygreig - Udny Station A gentle start to the year following sections of the Formartine Buchan Way Start/Finish NJ907244 Udny Station Car Park

Westhill Walkers

Westhill Walkers was formed in 1988 when a group of residents in Westhill with an interest in walking, fresh air and good company got together. Twenty five years later the group is still going strong and there are even a few of the original members still attending walks. Although about 50 % of the membership is from Westhill everyone is very welcome to join us whatever their age or ability.

Walks are held on alternate weeks throughout the year, normally on a Sunday. On longer summer days a choice of walks is offered with one being rather more challenging than the other. Walks vary from munro-bagging to a gentle Boxing Day strolls along the prom with all sorts of other walks in between.

In addition to the fortnightly walks we also spend several weekends in hostels in various locations. These weekend trips give members the opportunity to visit new areas, view different scenery, tick off a few more munros and generally have a thoroughly enjoyable and sociable weekend. Non members are welcome to come on these weekends if there are spaces available.

As well as the walks we have several social events – a highly successful annual ceilidh, a quiz night, BBQ, bowling and an early Christmas dinner at a hostel near the Linn of Dee.

We are a relaxed friendly group and new members will be welcomed very warmly. There is an modest annual membership fee but please feel free to join us on a few walks first before you decide if you want to join.



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