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Forum Post: The Future of the USA.......=......We The People

Posted 1 year ago on July 4, 2014, 11:04 p.m. EST by 2walterpenny2 (11)
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......Our Future depends upon all of US fighting for Our future right here in the USA.

The criminally corrupt 1% of the 1%.....deliberately destroyed Our Lives

  1. Criminally corrupt U.S. public officials must be prosecuted. George HW Bush, George W. Bush...for starters. Drug Cartel Money Laundering in Panama to Mexico..through the bank HSBC and others. And GW Bush allowing the Great Recession to even happen. Note: checking Bush associates financial and investment records from Dan Cook the III through to Jeb Bush at John Ellis Bush, LLC ...Sinclair... they all got out before the crash in 2008! And Henry Paulson (a former Nixon hack with GHW Bush, Meyers Lansky, Moe Dalitz, and John Erlichman) must be prosecuted.
  2. Wall Street executives present and past: Blankfein and Paulson must be prosecuted, Paulson for the "deliberate collapse of the Tech Boom"....called "getting out from the Top"...where by Henry Paulson in March of 2000 as Chairman of Goldman-Sachs deliberately and criminally defrauded mid to small cap investors..in order to bring G.W. Bush to power ..by taking the economy away from Gore, through what is called "Leveling the political playing field..the economy" 15 million high paying jobs were lost...trillions of investment dollars gone. As well Arthur Levitt the SEC Chairman who failed to prosecute Paulson, then in 2002 took an executive positon with the Carlyle Group a GHW Bush crony bin....We watched this happen. And the latest Great Recession..."let to happen" by Blankfein of Goldman-Sachs, AIG and Standard & Poors ..securities fraud through trillions of dollars of falsely rated AAA securities, bundled US Mortgages....approximately 20 trillion dollars globally was lost or more.
  3. Their not too big to prosecute...Goldman-Sachs - Paulson & Blankfein + Bush. Obama is one of them..really..appointing a dozen Goldman-Sachs executives from the beginning in 2009. And to date no executive has gone to prison for detroying Our Economy and Our Financial Institutions..the largest financial fraud in Global History.......Obama Changed Nothing.......his talk is just babble.
  4. The CIA, Vertol, HSBC and Corrupt US Military Officials must and will be prosecuted for global drug distribution and money laundering from Afghanistan to Central America. The only true gain in Afghanistan over the last 12 years is the real fact Afghanistan is now the largest grower and distributor of Heroin on the planet....killing thousands of Americans...US Citizens and citizens around the globe...each year...through a huge network of Terrorists...called Pushers and Dealers...preying on all of us, our friends, our neighbors. Ask those living in Chicago's ghettos, all the killings over drugs....the failed Mayor of Chicago another former Goldman-Sachs executive and member of the Obama Administration. 40,000 Mexican Citizens have been killed just in the last few years because of the bank HSBC laundering cartel funds...thus making the cartels successful...and not one HSBC executive has gone to prison.......too big to prosecute...not in my opinion ...prosecute them under a new Law as Domestic Terrorists...a new President in 2016 will prosecute them all. Who owns HSBC...the Windsors of England, yes the so-called Royal Family. Kate Middleton hear this, your married to a crime family. The Windsors are a large shareholder of HSBC, there are others. They must and will be prosecuted...but this is where "We The People" need to move past the Clintons and any Bush...Hillary and Jeb. Why? Their owned directly and indirectly by the 1% of the 1%.....think not take a look at where their money has come from...Hillary since Bill Clinton left office...their buddy "as they say" George HW Bush...or...where Jeb Bush and the Bush Family have connections ...from New Zealand to England to Panama.
  5. The next generation in the USA must come to power and clean the mess of corrupt up from the last 30 years, created by my generation the Baby Boomers. The next President of the USA must come from the next generation and prosecute Domestic Terrorists as listed above!
  6. Israel must stop settling into Palestinian lands.....the reality is this.. Arabs-Muslims in less then 10 years will out number Hebrews in Israel...so then the Minority will be Hebrews.....
  7. In order to control some of what is going on and the real possibility of prosecution after 2016 and the failures they created both in government and on Wall Steet ..... Cheney = Goldman-Sachs = Dan Cook the III....Cheney gave Dan a black lab...Dan Cook calls the dog...Cheney....seriously..laying out the pecking order...and the current Leader of Israel through efforts of Phillip Rothschild..are absolutely trying to creat a huge Middle East War...bringing the entire region into conflict....they will gain....but the World and its Citizens will not.
  8. Wars must stop for good....the human population will be challenged soon....for food and water....and with out True Peace and a sense of global unity we will all fail...think not then just wait!



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