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Forum Post: Letter I Just sent to Peter Horgan see movie "Summer Breeze"

Posted 10 months ago on Aug. 17, 2014, 5:43 p.m. EST by jamespeterevanhoe (5)
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Jim Evanhoe‎

ON FACEBOOK Summer Breeze director Peter Horgan see google 9 mins · Peter.......great to read your making the movie..... So much to expose with this huge problem in the USA. 70 days ago lost my best friend and business partner...age 24. Known heroin users but not known to me.... Nick and Julie Shunk...of Petaluma CA. got Kev strung out.....after Kevin moved to that area...from my house in Sun Valley ID..... Kevin had been hit by a Hit and Run driver..in pain....got to Sonoma County CA..... and his sister who was on Methadone .... first got Kev using Methadone for his pain before he could get the local Vista Clinic..... Then Nick and Julie befriend Kev....via intro by his sister..... Kev...never took Heroin before PERIOD.... hated shoots... but Kev had money ....all 3 Nick Julie and the sister needed money..... Rohnert Park Police where Kev died on June 3rd, 2014 did nothing even though Nick was on Drug related Probation...they were told who supplied the H and Methadone to Kevin but never did anything..... Please email me at jpjimevanhoe@gmail.com Not only is it a huge problem, Pushers like Nick and Julie are 100% looking for people to push their drugs on.....and they are everywhere.... Nick looks normal...Julie is a hottie married to Nick.... they befriend these guys and soon the problem is and was on Kev. Many of these people never know whats coming or really whats going to happen to them....by shooting up!!!! Kev was an amazing human being.....great student great artist perfect driving record and I was working with him for 10 1/2 yrs...on many projects...developing a clothing line...etc. I started Op surf clothing with Don Hansen, etc. and Fox with Kenny Robert of Yamaha and "Mens Fitness" magazine for Joe Weider ...etc. Ran into James Lester Montgomerie CEO of Vertol (see) worlds largest private air force planes and helicopters....as he said to me not knowing who I was...2 yrs ago...Sun Valley ID where he has a condo in West Ketchum.... and I quote him here "that the CIA and the US Military were 100% helping the Afghan Heroin trade SEE google total annually $70 billion, with direct and indirect assistance shipping and distributing Heroin all over the world including the USA..... So I made this clear in Occupy Wall Street and to 1,000 others that I email...regularly SEE Chris Swecker to the Washington Post..... comments by Jim Evanhoe...James Peter Evanhoe...etc. This can not continue! In the 1990s had a Skate Surf Wake and Snow Board business with Andy MACdonald..... Tom Carter and I spent $22 million dollars developing the first board sport CD Rom Mag....and the business....etc. etc... Panama Banks... Central America were advertising at the time they had development capital so I called the National Bank of Panama....spoke to several executives.....this was 1995-97 and we got to talking how GHW Bush took Noriega out....1989....but Bush actually developed money laundering banks for Drug Cartels after that....THEY stated this and you can quote me....and 2 years ago the Obama Admin. let the Global Bank HSBC off the hook for Drug Cartel money laundering.....See google they-HSBC only paid a $1.9 billion fine...no one went to prison or lost holdings as they should for racketeering ... SEE Matt Taibbi articles in "Rollingstone" Mag....too big to prosecute....! Taibbi stated HSBC's cut was 20% ....all of this has direct ties to Your Problem and me losing Kevin Petersen. See Kennedy Forum and see FedRally.com a March on DC scheduled for September 28th of this Year.......



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