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Occupy Boston Builds "Camp Charlie" on State House Steps

Posted 5 years ago on April 5, 2012, 1:12 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

ob in the state house
Occupy Boston and union supporters inside the Boston State House yesterday

Following Wednesday's National Day of Action for Public Transit that saw Occupiers and unions take part in coordinated actions across dozens of cities, Occupiers in Boston flooded the state capitol and have now set up an encampment outside in protest of fare hikes and service cuts to mass transit. Occupy Boston says they will occupy the area for 10 days, or until the state government agrees to revise the budget for transit.

from Occupy Boston:

This evening, Occupy the MBTA, a working group of Occupy Boston, launched Camp Charlie, a ten day occupation of the State House steps to protest fare-hikes and service cutbacks on the MBTA. Having survived the depths of the recession, the 99% now faces additional taxes in the form of escalating T fares and the loss of essential transport routes. This is a further transfer of public wealth to the banks. These are the same institutions that were bailed out by the American taxpayer after being rendered insolvent by their own, criminal recklessness. The only debt in need of servicing is their debt to us. In a country that lavishes four billion dollars in subsidies on the oil companies, the relentless assault on public transport could not make less sense – ethically, environmentally, or otherwise. Camp Charlie will be a place for public debate, conversation, and outreach – a living testament to the refusal of the people to be further abused by a clutch of corporate interests, multinational banking cartels and consolidated oil interests.

All those in Boston are encouraged to join or stop by Camp Charlie! Follow @Occupy_Boston and @OccupyMBTA for updates.

No service cuts!
No fare hikes!
No layoffs!
No privatization of our treasured public transit system!
A comprehensive plan for affordable and sustainable transportation that works for the 99%!